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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 5.....

Have travel plans this holiday season?  Have friends or relatives with travel plans?  Love to vacation?  Yes?  Then today's idea is for you!!  This is another one of our Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu patterns.  It's will hold a warm flat or curling iron when you're ready to head out, but your equipment is still too hot to handle.  Harriet made this one out of this super cute fabric and it's lined with Teflon....plus, you can see some of our wonderful selection of black and whites behind it.  The warm curling or flat iron slides in the back compartment and the front one will safely hold the cord away from the hot iron!  We started making these after a friend made a similar one for Harriet years ago.  Harriet and her husband, Hartwell, were getting ready to leave on a trip.  She got her hair ready, but the iron was too hot to pack.  What to do?  Well, she popped it in the freezer to cool down quickly....you guessed it.  That's where it stayed for the duration of their trip.  You can easily make this in an afternoon, so there's still time!

Today was another good day at Fab-Etc.  Diane and I got some things accomplished in between waiting on customers.  I got the December Update ready and have started e-mailing it, so watch your in-box for that.  I got half of my Sounders potholder pair done and ready to stitch the binding on.  We got a back and batting ready for Diane's *Bear Meadow* project she finished for me.  We'll hand it off to Tracey when she gets a moment to catch her breath.  Nikki is lined up to quilt our *Treeline* quilt after Jan gets the borders on next week.  Things are good!! 

How's your weekend looking? 

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