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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 3.....

It's December 3rd, so that makes it Day #3 in our *Countdown To Christmas* here @ Fab-Etc!  Last month, Linda made these darling felt mitten ornaments for us.  I don't know if you are aware, but we do carry some wool felt here @ Fabric-Etc.  It comes in 12" x 18" sheets and is $1.99/sheet.  If you *felt* it (agitate a bit in boiling hot water and shock in cold) it will felt up even more.  Sew, we took Linda's idea and made up a pattern that we sell as part of our Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu.  The pattern has the mitten and cuff, plus 6 embroideries for the mittens.  We also have the Sulky 12 weight thread that works really well for embroidery.  They're pretty darn fun to make and would be cute on someone's tree or even as a *tag* on a gift this holiday season.  They would go together fairly quickly, so you still have some time to make these!!  

It has been kind of a nasty rainy/very windy afternoon and evening here in western Washington.  At our house, we still have some post traumatic stress when the wind blows like this, after having the chestnut tree blow into the house a few months ago.  Even though there's nothing there now to damage the roof, etc., it still gives us some *pause* when it gets super windy like this.  I took the afternoon off and have been fiddling around with a few things that I'll show you soon.

Hope you've managed to stay safe and somewhat dry today!  More fun ideas tomorrow.....

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