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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 23....

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 23.....let's keep things in focus!  And to help you do that, we've got our Microfiber Cloths that we're featuring  =)    They are super for cleaning the computer screen on your machine, your cell phone, laptop, glasses, iPad, etc.  And, to make things even better, we've got some with *sewing/quilting* sayings for you (among other ones!)  These would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for someone, don't you think?

Well, Jan and I had a bit of a quieter day today....whew!  There were still lots of customers, but the pace was a little slower.  I managed to start cleaning off my messy desk and the shelves above it....why do I always have to make a HUGE mess when I do that?  I know it's going to look a lot better when I'm done, but boy, do I have a few things scattered around to greet me in the morning!  Don't forget, tomorrow I'll be closing at 3:00!

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