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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 2.....

It's Day 2 on our *Countdown To Christmas* journey.  We have a fabulous panel this year from Northcott called Reindeer Prance.  Harriet got this brilliant idea to cut it up and make some attic window blocks around it, so I'm calling it *Reindeer Through My Window*.   After obsessing for a few days about the colors for the window *sashing* she came up with a fabulous two-toned gray combination.  This picture doesn't do it justice....it's really very 3-D in person!  And all this before we've even had a chance to get it quilted.  You could easily get it done for the holidays, since it's just a matter of cutting the panel and making the attic window blocks.  We still have some panels, plus the directions on how she cut the panel, sashing and borders at the shop. 

Today was such a fun day.....it's our monthly tea party and in December, Harriet always *loans* us her Christmas dishes so it's quite a festive affair!  And there were goodies galore along with the tea today.  (I think I could skip dinner, except the retired guy might get hungry!)  We've just finished cleaning up and are trying to get the place whipped back into shape again.  How's your Wednesday been?!?  Tomorrow we'll have another idea for you!

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