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Friday, December 18, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 18....

Okay....it's *Blue Friday* again here in Seahawk territory!  So....we felt for our last *Countdown To Christmas* Friday, we needed to continue the Blue Friday
theme.  On Day 18, we're featuring Wilmington Print's #1 Fan 2 1/2" strips in Seahawk blue/green/gray colors.  There are 24 strips in each package and we still have a few of them floating around the shop.  Wish I could tell you that we've had time to make a sample using them, but alas, we have not.  However, there are lots of patterns out there using jelly rolls, so I bet you could find something ~ right?  (Hey....if you find a great one, let us know ~ okay?!?) 

It's been a busy day so far here @ Fab-Etc.  We've sold a lot of gift certificates already today and have had quite a few folks doing some great *week before Christmas* projects!  Alicia and I are also having fun picking out some charm squares for a new project I want to start next week.  What's your day look like sew far?                       

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