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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 1......

Hey.....It's December 1st and Christmas is in just 25 short days!  So, we @ Fab-Etc thought we'd do a *Countdown To Christmas* and give you some ideas for gifts, decorations, etc.  Sew, be watching here, on Facebook and on #fabricetc (our Instagram account) for something new each day until the 24th of December.

Our project for you today are these great stockings.  Do you need a stocking for a new family member or maybe just want to spruce up the ones you have?  Can you read what that darling snowman is saying?  "Just make it MERRY!"  It comes on a panel and there are 4 stockings on each one.  You could use them as 4 separate stockings with a coordinate for the back, or you could make 2 stockings using one for the front and one for the back.  We added some batting, lining and did just a little quilting and voila.....cuteness!  The only thing left to do is fill it with some goodies for Christmas morning.  When we were kids, we would get an orange in the toe of our stocking every Christmas morning.  It didn't seem like that big of a deal, just something we got each year.  When I was a little older, Mom explained that she grew up in the Depression and in Montana.  It was a really big deal to get that orange in the toe of her stocking when she was a girl, so she continued the tradition with my sister and me.  Do you have any of those traditions in your family?

Hope you'll enjoy our Countdown To Christmas!  See you tomorrow...same time, same station  =)

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