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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas.....

Merry Christmas to you all!  I hope your day has been a good one.  Ours has been very quiet, since we celebrated at our daughter's last Saturday when our oldest son was here from Nashville working in Seattle last week.  The retired guy and I had a nice dinner, but I still ate too many au gratin potatoes with my ham and green beans, though  =)

I have been reflecting today on how very blessed I feel this Christmas.  As many of you may remember last Christmas we spent the day at Children's Hospital in Seattle where our grandson, Lukas, was in a coma, totally unresponsive, on a ventilator and kidneys shutting down following surgery for an infection.  A little over a month later that spunky guy wheeled out pretty much back to his old self!  He had a good time last week opening gifts and entertaining us.  Our other three grandchildren are also doing well and keep their parents busy!  I am also so very proud of my three grown children who live their lives with much grace.

I am also feeling blessed to have been running this business for nearly 19 years.  Your support throughout the years has been humbling and is much appreciated.  However you celebrate this season, I am wishing you happiness and joy.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 24....

It's Christmas Eve....*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 24.....and I am headed over to the shop in just a few minutes to be ready for any last minute things folks might want to pick up; or a Christmas project they might want to work on.  I'll be there until 3:00.  I always work solo on Christmas Eve so the rest of the crew can get ready for any festivities they might have planned.  And I usually sell a few of these on Christmas Eve too ~ Fabric-Etc Gift Certificates.  I have customers tell me that it's on their list every year!  (I so appreciate each and every one of you and your support over the last nearly 19 years.) 

What will I do all by myself over there today?  Well, Saturday (Boxing Day) will start our TMI Week.  TMI????  Yup, Too Much Inventory  =)  Before I have to count *stuff* I go through and see what we have *too much of* and mark it down for the week between Christmas and New Year.  This year, we'll leave it out until Saturday, January 2nd.  And I always put the Christmas fabric on sale for that week as well.  So....I will definitely not be bored over there today!  Okay, I think my coffee is ready....got to run!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 23....

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 23.....let's keep things in focus!  And to help you do that, we've got our Microfiber Cloths that we're featuring  =)    They are super for cleaning the computer screen on your machine, your cell phone, laptop, glasses, iPad, etc.  And, to make things even better, we've got some with *sewing/quilting* sayings for you (among other ones!)  These would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for someone, don't you think?

Well, Jan and I had a bit of a quieter day today....whew!  There were still lots of customers, but the pace was a little slower.  I managed to start cleaning off my messy desk and the shelves above it....why do I always have to make a HUGE mess when I do that?  I know it's going to look a lot better when I'm done, but boy, do I have a few things scattered around to greet me in the morning!  Don't forget, tomorrow I'll be closing at 3:00!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 22....

You are going to love what we have for you on Day 22 of our *Countdown To Christmas*.....I know because I love mine!  These are handcrafted pincushions by a local artist, Sandy D.  We feel very privileged to be able to sell these in the shop.  Did you know that even Jo Morton has purchased these several times from Sandy as gifts?!?  And I have 3 of my very own!!  These beautifully and skillfully made pincushions make really special gifts that will be treasured by anyone receiving them.  We were just restocked yesterday and still have a good variety available.

Well....what a busy day today!  There was finally a break in the action late this afternoon that allowed Jan to finish sewing the binding on the *Treeline* quilt and I brought it home tonight to start sewing the binding on.  Tomorrow?  Well.....I started a cute little project called *Button Jars* that I may be able to get a little further on....plus, I have some ordering and other *busywork* to do, since I will be here by myself on Christmas Eve.  FYI...we are closing at 3:00 on Christmas Eve.  Now, speaking of busywork....the laundry is calling!

Monday, December 21, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 21....

Just a few more days on our *Countdown To Christmas*.....this is Day 21!  For today, we're featuring another one of our Nifty Notions from this year.  It was a really popular one and so many folks have come in and told us how very much they like this little Steamfast Iron!  It has dual voltage, so it can travel overseas with you, but most of our customers have loved it for taking to classes with them or using right next to their machine at home.  It heats up quickly; it's hot; and it even steams!  And to sweeten the deal, since it was one of the Nifty Notions, it's even on sale until the end of the month!  Regular price is $30, but right now it's $21.95.

Today was a fun one here @ Fab-Etc!  Diane and I kept busy all day with customers and Fat Tuesday projects.  Tomorrow, I think Jan and I will collaborate on trimming and then sewing the binding on the *Treeline* quilt I showed you a couple of days ago.  I should get to take it home each night and finish hand sewing the binding down.....I love that end of the quilt job....how about you?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 20....

For Day 20 of our *Countdown To Christmas* we've got a kit to show you.  the name of the project is called *Treeline* and it uses Northcott's Gradient fabrics.  Jan and I collaborated on this and we just got it back from Nikki of The Country Quilter and Hen House fame!  I couldn't wait to show you what a fabulous job she did on the quilting, so the quilt isn't trimmed and there's no binding yet.  The center uses a panel that comes with the fabric line and it would make a great *guy* quilt, wouldn't it?  I made all of the star blocks and Jan did all of the work making the other blocks and sewing it together.  I think I'll be the one to bind it.  Anyway, we have a limited number of kits available along with some of the yardage.  It would be a great gift for someone....or maybe for you?

How's your Sunday been?  I made some waffles for the retired guy and I for breakfast and then did a little grocery shopping and pulled the other half of the Thanksgiving turkey meat and broth out of the freezer, and added the rest of the veggies, etc.  Turkey soup for dinner ~ yum!  Just finished some book work and need to open a stack of mail, but I had hoped to work on a project I brought home this weekend.....maybe?  Hope your Sunday has been delightful!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 19....

Have we got a deal for you on Day 19 of our *Countdown To Christmas*.....bet you've seen these advertised in the quilt mags.  It's Olfa's Folding Mats.  They come in two sizes ( 12” x 17” and 17” x 24”) and fold up slick as can be.  We've tried them out over and over again and not a skipped thread once!  And even better, since they were a Nifty Notion this year, they're on sale until the end of the month!   The regular price for the 12” x 17” is $50 ~ but Nifty Notion price is $35.  The regular price for the 17” x 24” is $70 ~ but Nifty Notion price is $50.  We have both in stock as of tonight.

How was your Saturday?  We had our Stewart family Christmas today, since our oldest son flies back to Nashville at zero early thirty tomorrow morning after working in Seattle all this week.  We met at our daughter's apartment in Bothell and a good time was had by all!  Thank you to Harriet and Linda for keeping things running smoothly at the shop!  I'm not too sure how I am going to handle not having all of those last minute Christmas things to get ready this week, but somehow I'll manage  =)

Friday, December 18, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 18....

Okay....it's *Blue Friday* again here in Seahawk territory!  So....we felt for our last *Countdown To Christmas* Friday, we needed to continue the Blue Friday
theme.  On Day 18, we're featuring Wilmington Print's #1 Fan 2 1/2" strips in Seahawk blue/green/gray colors.  There are 24 strips in each package and we still have a few of them floating around the shop.  Wish I could tell you that we've had time to make a sample using them, but alas, we have not.  However, there are lots of patterns out there using jelly rolls, so I bet you could find something ~ right?  (Hey....if you find a great one, let us know ~ okay?!?) 

It's been a busy day so far here @ Fab-Etc.  We've sold a lot of gift certificates already today and have had quite a few folks doing some great *week before Christmas* projects!  Alicia and I are also having fun picking out some charm squares for a new project I want to start next week.  What's your day look like sew far?                       

Thursday, December 17, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 17....

Today's featured item on *Countdown To Christmas*....Day 17....was the runaway hit of our Nifty Notions last year.  It's Marilee's Numbered Pins.  These are nice long stainless steel pins with numbers on the *heads* at the top.  They are numbered from one to twenty, but as is suggested, you could customize them on the back of the heads with a permanent marker as they
are blank.  These are perfect for keeping your rows straight or your blocks in the right order.....I know I can so easily pick something up off of the design wall and by the time I sit down to sew it 5 seconds later, I've gotten it turned around!  They'd make a great gift or you could put it on your *I've been a good kid this year, Santa list*.

What a wet, wet day in Bellingham today....plus I know some of you in the county got some white stuff that fell too!  Harriet and I stayed warm and dry surrounded by fabric today.  We had some lovely customers working on projects and some lovely visitors from north of the border.  In between, we made pillowcase kits; cleaned up a bit; I filed a mountain of paperwork; and we cut some more fat quarters for Fat Tuesday.  How about your day?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 16....

On this beautiful, bright sunny Pacific Northwest Day 16 of our *Countdown To Christmas* we've got something absolutely vintage-y cute!  Since our
wonderful UPS driver just brought us 2 more rolls of this, I couldn't wait until tonight to show you.  This is toweling from Moda....is it just stinkin' cute or what?!?  It's pre-hemmed on the two sides and is about 17" wide.  We've been selling lots of it this season (and since it's snowmen, it'll go right into January too).  Folks are hemming about 3/4 of a yard on both ends for kitchen towels or using a longer stretch of it down the middle of their holiday table!  Of course, we have other toweling too that you can add fabric, embroidery, rick rack or whatever you'd like to make a quick gift.

We're trying to finish up a few things around here before we dive into something new....can you relate to that?  Jan's working on rolling some fat quarters for our annual Fat Tuesday Sale coming up in February and I'm doing this  =)   How about you?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 15....

Sue Spargo is one of the foremost *stitchers* in the craft.  This year saw the release of her book *Stitches To Savor* and it is most definitely savory!  This is a 144 page coffee-table book with 200 photos to oooh and ahhhh over.  The photos have stunning detail and are perfect accompaniments to coffee or tea and sweets!  A number of our customers have *played* with her wool stitchery projects and have found them to be delightfully fun.  We still have a few books and they would make luscious gifts for a stitcher on your list! (Sue was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has begun treatment and I'm happy to report that she is doing well with that.)

Well, Jan and I had a great day today @ Fab-Etc.  Lots of fun customers with fun projects.  I've had my own *fun* project to work on too.  Jan manned the counter while I worked on a Christmas gift for one of the grandkids.  Two of them in one family are getting tablets for Christmas, so Grandma Carol is making covers to keep the tablets safe until perhaps another cover can be obtained.  I'm making them from a Kwik Sew pattern that I used before ~ one in Seattle Sounders and one in Frozen.  Sounders one is done and Frozen is in the works ~ thanks, Jan!  What gifts are you still working on?

Monday, December 14, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 14....

I think one of the most popular items over the last nearly 19 years I've been in business has been something ever sew simple ~ pillowcases.  We've sold fabric to make hundreds and hundreds of them.  Our customers make them for
kids as well as adults.  It's lots of fun to match the fabric to someone's decor, hobby or favorite pastime.  We also have fun making up some kits for your pleasure.  This is a sample of a Sounders pillowcase kit we have.  My two sons and my youngest grandson, Cody, are big Seattle Sounders fans.  Don't tell young Mr. Cody, but he's getting one of these this Saturday at our Christmas celebration!  The kits we have also make perfect beginning sewing projects because it's just *straight line sewing* and in about an hour, you've got something you can use.  We've got quite a few kits made up, including Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners, Christmas, foxes, pigs, and lots of other fun ones.  Plus, we're always happy to help you pick out your own fabrics.

Diane and I kept pretty busy today with customers and notions in the freight we received.  Pretty well got everything put away before the end of the day, when I got really busy again.  Tomorrow, Jan's going to try and finish up the Cat Tale soft book and I am going to try and file the mountain of paperwork on my filing cabinet!  What do you have planned?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 13....

Did you do any cooking or baking today?  'Tis the season, you know!  Bet you have friends and family that might like some new potholders this year.  In my kitchen every so often I look at the sorry ones I have and think about all of those lovely samples I've made over the years, and wonder why I never make myself some new potholders?!?  Gonna do that this year!  But I digress
from the matter at hand.....*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 13!  You guessed it too I bet.....our featured idea today are these *Easy Foldy Hotpad*.  This pattern is written by a fairly local gal ~ Shirley in Skagit County.  We've carried the pattern for many years and just keep re-ordering every few months because it's such a great idea and seller.  We demo-ed these at the Holiday Open House and if you were there, you know just how quick and easy they are to make.  There's Insul-Brite inside and you could easily make a set for someone on your list with time to spare!  We've got lots of patterns and some Insul-Brite with 40 more yards on its way in a day or two!

How's your Sunday?  I managed to get the pillowcase production complete and now have moved on to the next project on my list before our festivities this Saturday.  I Baked a coffee cake for the retired guy, washed some clothes and had a nice dinner.  Think I'll finish up some more paperwork here and then put my feet up while I work on that aforementioned project.  Have a lovely Sunday evening all!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 12....

Got scraps?  Got stash?  Got friends with scraps and stash?  Then, we have just the thing for Day 12 of our *Countdown To Christmas* series.  As many of you know, Tonya Alexander, one of our talented customers, has written a book that was released this October by Martingale.  It's called *Stash Lab* and contains some fabulous information and formulas about organizing and using those pesky scraps!  She was kind enough to stop by the shop the other day and autograph some copies of her book.  Sew.....if you'd like to pick up an autographed copy for you or for a gift, we'll have it ready for you!  (FYI....a couple of our other very talented customers/longarm quilters, Tracey Fisher and Nikki Crisp have their work in the book as well!)  We also have several of the projects from the book on display at the shop too.

Well.....another wet and windy day in Whatcom County!  Jan and I were kept hopping today with customers enjoying the beauty of fabric on a gray, and kind of nasty day.  There wasn't much time to do anything other than that, but at the end of the day, Jan started putting together one of the *Cat Tale* soft book panels....pretty cute!  We should finish that up next week.  I'm going to spend tonight and tomorrow trying to finish a few Christmas *extras* for the grandkids and maybe a little baking on the side.....how about you?

Friday, December 11, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 11.....

Hey.....where we live, this *Countdown To Christmas*.....Day 11....is also Blue Friday!  Sew, we are featuring our Seahawk fleece scarf kits today.  These were very popular last year, and are again this year.  For just $7.95 you get the *fussy cut* Seahawk fleece, the green lining and the directions to make this great scarf to wear in support of the Hawks.  You can make a scarf in probably less than an hour and be wearing it in plenty of time for Sunday's game.  (Or if you're reading this right now, the shop is open for almost 2 more hours, so you could sew it and wear it tonight while it's still Blue Friday  =)

Yes, I am writing this a bit earlier in the day.  Believe it or not, I took the afternoon off.   The retired guy and I made a *meet* with our youngest son and our granddaughter in Smokey Point to drop off Christmas surprises.  We had lunch and then headed back home so I thought I could put this up before dinnertime today!  Harriet and Alicia are holding down the fort for me this afternoon.  I did finish my Mini Trees and got the right trunks with the right trees.....can you see them on the design wall behind the Seahawk scarf?  When I get a chance I may try layering and quilting them.  Right now, I need to go into pillowcase production for the 4 grandkids.....we're celebrating a week from tomorrow when our oldest son from Nashville will be working in the Seattle area.  Hope your Friday is a good one!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 10.....

Grab your coloring instruments for *Countdown To Christmas*....Day 10.....  Like I said in my recent newsletter and update, coloring isn't just for the young, but the young at heart too!  On Day 10, we're featuring the Tula Pink coloring book.  It's filled with over 75 fun designs to color.  Many adults are finding that kicking their shoes off at the end of the day and grabbing some coloring pens, pencils, or crayons is a great way to unwind.  And of course, Tula Pink is a girl with *unwind* written all over her  =)  (Jan took a class from her at Sisters last year and couldn't say enough kind things about what a wonderful, fun gal she is!)  We do have a couple of other coloring books in stock too.  Wouldn't this make a good gift for someone you know....maybe even you!?!

Harriet and I had a lovely day today.  We were pretty busy in the morning, but then with the nasty weather, it got kind of quiet in the afternoon.  Harriet worked on finishing up a few of the demo samples we had *in process* during the Open House and I was busy sewing the wrong trunks on my Mini Trees  =(  Tonight I finished picking them apart and sewing them back together again, but as I just now pressed them, I see that a couple of my seams are not lining up quite the way I wanted.....back to the ripper for me, I think....ugh....probably a good thing I am taking the afternoon off tomorrow, huh?  Hoping your day was *seam ripper-less*

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 9.....

How about another quick gift idea from the Dollar Menu for our *Countdown To
 Christmas*.....this one is made using the "Stay Put Towel and Pan Handle Cover" pattern.  Harriet gave demos on how to construct them each day during the Holiday Open House a few weeks ago.  We've got samples hanging around the shop using lots of different fabrics, although the Santa one is pretty darn fun.  The towel has ties so you can hang it from your frig or stove or doorknob.  And the cover will fit those pan handles you might have that get too hot to handle sometimes.  And since we have our own Seahawks corner, we of course had to make a set using Hawk fabric!  And they are *too hot to handle* lately ~ right!?!  These go together quickly and we even have a few very nice kitchen towels for you to pick up if you want to do one stop shopping!

Well, I am happy to report that Jan got the borders on our *Treeline* quilt project.  I did my part and got some batting and backing ready and then off it went with Jan tonight.  Tomorrow Jan's sewing with a group of her friends at Nikki's *Hen House* and she'll leave it to be quilted sometime next week.  That's pretty much what we accomplished today in between waiting on lots of customers.  Hoping yours was a good one after we got through that stormy start to the day!  More fun again tomorrow.....

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

*Countdown To Christmas*....Day 8.....

Here we are at Day 8....and this has been one of our most popular projects the last couple of years.  It's a *Circle Scarf* made from one of our gorgeous rayon batik fabrics.  This is also one of our Dollar Menu patterns and it's so very fast and easy to do.  These can also be made from a knit, voile, cotton and even a Minky-type fabric,....but the *drapey-er* the better!  One of our customers recently did one in a Minky fabric and brought it for us to display.....Jan wore it for a while and said it was super cozy!  The rayon batiks drape beautifully and the more you wash them the softer they become.  We recently got 7 or 8 new bolts of rayon batiks, plus we have *kits* made from the rayons for purchase (it takes about a yard and three-quarters for a scarf from the rayon batiks, but that gives you two identical scarves.  Sew...we are happy to make kits for you that yield only one scarf.)  You can be wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and throw one of these around your neck and you look ever sew stylish  =)  

Jan and I had a very busy day today!  She was putting borders on our *Treeline* quilt and we had lots of customers come in that were working on fun projects too.  I've been *playing* with the free pattern from the gals at Sew Kind of Wonderful for their Mini Trees using the new Mini Quick Curve Ruler.  I'll show you a picture in the next day or so.  Plus, our family will be celebrating the holidays early when our son from Nashville is here in just over a week, so I need to get my act together to be ready for that!  On that note, I'll bid you a good night...... 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 7....

On Day 7 of our *Countdown To Christmas* we've got another fun project for you that's quick and easy peasy!  (It occurred to me today that I probably should have been counting backwards to Christmas....you know....24 days left, 23 days....oh well.....not going to change things now!)  Anyway....I digress....this project is called the *Snap Happy* bag.  It's a little bag that comes in three different sizes and has a *snap* closure like a hex frame.  But here's the cool part.  I don't know if you've ever tried to put in a hex frame or had to put out the $$$ to buy a hex frame.  They're expensive and in my experience, they're not a lot of fun to install.  Sew....here's the *trick* to this closure ~ it's a metal carpenter's tape.  You might even have a broken one out in the garage right now that would work!  It's so very clever and works so very well.  We've got quite a few patterns in stock; it can be made in an afternoon; and we do have one or two cute yards of fabric to choose from  =)

OMG....what a crazy busy day we had today!  Lots of folks still planning holiday projects.  And we got some great freight today too.  I heard that....you wondered what it was ~ right?  Well, some fun novelty prints.  The twice baked potatoes are back; golf balls; bicycles; library books; fun dots in fun colors; more *text* fabric; Seahawk green and some white on whites.  I think tomorrow will be just as fun as today....Jan's going to try and get the borders on our *Treeline* project and Nikki has put us in line for it to be quilted!  Hope your Monday was a good one.  Talk to you tomorrow.....


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 6....

Happy Sunday to you all!  It's a really windy night here again in Whatcom County, so it's nice to be warm and cozy inside.  On Day 6 of our *Countdown To Christmas* we've got a cute *Cookies For Santa* placemat you could whip up before Christmas Eve.  (You know, at the shop we've been playing Christmas music the last week or so.  For some reason, I got the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" stuck in my head for a few days.  Don't you just hate it when that happens?!?)  Anyway, we have the tumblers pre-cut in some kits for you and we've provided the letters for you too.  You could even put a kiddo name on there if you so desired.

Hope your Sunday has been a good one.  The retired guy and I went for a ride and then a *stroll* down at the harbor just as the wind was beginning to kick up....was invigorating!  I've got a knitting project I'm playing with as well as a few other things, so I'm going to send some more of my December Update e-mails, finish the laundry and then get back to my projects!   

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 5.....

Have travel plans this holiday season?  Have friends or relatives with travel plans?  Love to vacation?  Yes?  Then today's idea is for you!!  This is another one of our Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu patterns.  It's will hold a warm flat or curling iron when you're ready to head out, but your equipment is still too hot to handle.  Harriet made this one out of this super cute fabric and it's lined with Teflon....plus, you can see some of our wonderful selection of black and whites behind it.  The warm curling or flat iron slides in the back compartment and the front one will safely hold the cord away from the hot iron!  We started making these after a friend made a similar one for Harriet years ago.  Harriet and her husband, Hartwell, were getting ready to leave on a trip.  She got her hair ready, but the iron was too hot to pack.  What to do?  Well, she popped it in the freezer to cool down quickly....you guessed it.  That's where it stayed for the duration of their trip.  You can easily make this in an afternoon, so there's still time!

Today was another good day at Fab-Etc.  Diane and I got some things accomplished in between waiting on customers.  I got the December Update ready and have started e-mailing it, so watch your in-box for that.  I got half of my Sounders potholder pair done and ready to stitch the binding on.  We got a back and batting ready for Diane's *Bear Meadow* project she finished for me.  We'll hand it off to Tracey when she gets a moment to catch her breath.  Nikki is lined up to quilt our *Treeline* quilt after Jan gets the borders on next week.  Things are good!! 

How's your weekend looking? 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 4.....

Welcome to *Countdown To Christmas*....Day 4....  Not only is it Day 4 but it's also Blue Friday!!  (For those of you reading this in other parts of the world, every Friday the Seahawks have a game that week is Blue Friday.  So....in honor of our *hot* Seattle Seahawk football team (what a win last Sunday), we're featuring our *Keep Your Cool* potholder pattern made up in Seahawk fabric.  This pattern is one of our Dollar Menu patterns that we worked up for our Holiday Open House a couple of weeks ago.  It goes together pretty quickly and we still have lots of Seahawk fabric, so that means you could make a pair (or two) of these for some of the Hawk fans on your gift list this year.  I'm actually making a pair (or two) of these in Seattle Sounders fabric for a couple of those fans I know =)  I'm also putting a picture here of another potholder pair I made a few weeks ago in a wonderful contemporary fabric combo. 

Alicia and I had a great day today at Fab-Etc.  We finished up the last kits for our current Block of the Month, Garden Tea Party.  It's been a wonderful quilt to make and see so many others excited each month to get their projects.  We've also been working on getting a whole bunch of new flannel out on the floor this week.  There are some super plaids and patterns in smaller cuts, but big enough for PJ pants, etc.  Well, got to run and finish a few things before bedtime.  Hope you have a great weekend and....GO HAWKS!! 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 3.....

It's December 3rd, so that makes it Day #3 in our *Countdown To Christmas* here @ Fab-Etc!  Last month, Linda made these darling felt mitten ornaments for us.  I don't know if you are aware, but we do carry some wool felt here @ Fabric-Etc.  It comes in 12" x 18" sheets and is $1.99/sheet.  If you *felt* it (agitate a bit in boiling hot water and shock in cold) it will felt up even more.  Sew, we took Linda's idea and made up a pattern that we sell as part of our Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu.  The pattern has the mitten and cuff, plus 6 embroideries for the mittens.  We also have the Sulky 12 weight thread that works really well for embroidery.  They're pretty darn fun to make and would be cute on someone's tree or even as a *tag* on a gift this holiday season.  They would go together fairly quickly, so you still have some time to make these!!  

It has been kind of a nasty rainy/very windy afternoon and evening here in western Washington.  At our house, we still have some post traumatic stress when the wind blows like this, after having the chestnut tree blow into the house a few months ago.  Even though there's nothing there now to damage the roof, etc., it still gives us some *pause* when it gets super windy like this.  I took the afternoon off and have been fiddling around with a few things that I'll show you soon.

Hope you've managed to stay safe and somewhat dry today!  More fun ideas tomorrow.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 2.....

It's Day 2 on our *Countdown To Christmas* journey.  We have a fabulous panel this year from Northcott called Reindeer Prance.  Harriet got this brilliant idea to cut it up and make some attic window blocks around it, so I'm calling it *Reindeer Through My Window*.   After obsessing for a few days about the colors for the window *sashing* she came up with a fabulous two-toned gray combination.  This picture doesn't do it justice....it's really very 3-D in person!  And all this before we've even had a chance to get it quilted.  You could easily get it done for the holidays, since it's just a matter of cutting the panel and making the attic window blocks.  We still have some panels, plus the directions on how she cut the panel, sashing and borders at the shop. 

Today was such a fun day.....it's our monthly tea party and in December, Harriet always *loans* us her Christmas dishes so it's quite a festive affair!  And there were goodies galore along with the tea today.  (I think I could skip dinner, except the retired guy might get hungry!)  We've just finished cleaning up and are trying to get the place whipped back into shape again.  How's your Wednesday been?!?  Tomorrow we'll have another idea for you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Countdown To Christmas.....Day 1......

Hey.....It's December 1st and Christmas is in just 25 short days!  So, we @ Fab-Etc thought we'd do a *Countdown To Christmas* and give you some ideas for gifts, decorations, etc.  Sew, be watching here, on Facebook and on #fabricetc (our Instagram account) for something new each day until the 24th of December.

Our project for you today are these great stockings.  Do you need a stocking for a new family member or maybe just want to spruce up the ones you have?  Can you read what that darling snowman is saying?  "Just make it MERRY!"  It comes on a panel and there are 4 stockings on each one.  You could use them as 4 separate stockings with a coordinate for the back, or you could make 2 stockings using one for the front and one for the back.  We added some batting, lining and did just a little quilting and voila.....cuteness!  The only thing left to do is fill it with some goodies for Christmas morning.  When we were kids, we would get an orange in the toe of our stocking every Christmas morning.  It didn't seem like that big of a deal, just something we got each year.  When I was a little older, Mom explained that she grew up in the Depression and in Montana.  It was a really big deal to get that orange in the toe of her stocking when she was a girl, so she continued the tradition with my sister and me.  Do you have any of those traditions in your family?

Hope you'll enjoy our Countdown To Christmas!  See you tomorrow...same time, same station  =)