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Monday, October 26, 2015

Sewing Jar......

This is a project I started in the summer.....got the top done fairly quickly, but then I decided it was asking to be hand quilted.  Well, I am not a very fast hand quilter....even on a small project like this one.  I quilted it using the Sulky 12 weight thread.....liked using it!  The pattern is by Buttermilk Basin and is called *Sewing Jar* and yes, we do have some in stock.  I'm sure you'll be a lot faster at getting yours done than I was!

It was super busy at the store last week.  Then today, it got eerily quiet.  We are guessing that you all are waiting for the sale to start Thursday the 29th at 10:00!  Don't forget we're open until 8:00 that Thursday and don't forget a donation for the Food Bank ~ then you'll get a coupon for 30% off one item (only fabric is on sale, so you could use it for batting, a book or tool or anything regular priced you'd like!)  This is always a fun sale and we LOVE taking over 500 lbs. of food to our local Food Bank!

I'm working on a few new samples to get up, but probably won't happen now until after this week....double whammy with the sale and the end of/first of month *stuff* that needs to happen.  Hope we get to see lots of you this week! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bonnie's Team......

 It's that time again.....the Bonnie's Team quilts have come back and we at Fab-Etc all agree....you guys have outdone yourselves this year!!  I forgot to count, but I'm pretty sure there are close to 50 quilts.  Not only are there lots of them, they are just wonderful quilts.  The retired guy and I went over to the shop late this afternoon.  He was helping me out with positioning our new *chip reader* credit card processor and I was climbing the ladder taking down samples so I could hang these quilts.  I have to tell you, I could just sense Bonnie as I was hanging these.  I couldn't help but think of how she and Linda C. would come in to the shop in its original location of Barkley Village.  Someone new may have shown up at the Infusion Center and they would want to make a special quilt just for them.  Perhaps it was a guy who loved to fish, or a young lady who liked cats.  The two of them would search for just the right fabric to make that person feel comforted and special.  As I climbed the ladder many times this afternoon, I confess I had tears in my eyes as I saw the quilt with cats, with flowers, with fishing tackle, with hearts....and on and on.  I thought about some of the cards I've seen from recipients of these quilts over the years.  How very touched they have been to receive this *quilt hug* from a stranger that made their scary adventure a little easier.  As the grandmother of a young man who has battled cancer for most of his life, I am so very humbled by your generosity each year.  Thank you so very much - each and every one of you who have given of yourselves over the years.  The quilts will be on display all of this week and then Linda will take them to the Infusion Center where they will be cherished by someone who might need a *quilt hug* during a difficult season of their life.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Who doesn't like diamonds?  I like diamonds =)  I think any baby or new mom might like these diamonds too!  This is a picture of our newest Dollar Menu pattern made up in this adorable Riley Blake line called Bloom and Bliss.   It
was a lot of fun to make, although some serious obsession went into the placement of these blocks!  I even quilted it myself instead of my usual *quilt by phone* approach to getting a sample up more quickly!  We did make up a couple of kits for this, but the Dollar Menu pattern is also available if you'd like to use up some scraps you already have or make it in a particular color combo, plus it's *charm square friendly* as they like to say.  And of course, it wouldn't be limited to a baby quilt.  You could easily make it bigger by making your blocks bigger or adding more rows.

Life's been busy here @ Fab-Etc!  Diane has been teaching some great classes, including Beginning Machine Applique (one spot open in her last class next week).  Sharon has a spot open in the on-going *The Process of.....* techniques class that will be happening the first Saturday of the month for the next 6 months.  We will be *selling* that empty spot each month ($15) and will let you know what next month's *Process of....* will be.  I know this morning they are learning the process of drafting your own blocks.

Speaking of which, I need to unload the dishwasher, grab my stuff and head out the door to be ready for the two back to back classes scheduled today.  Gonna be another fun day at the *happy place*......and watch your *inbox* for the e-mail update I'm sending over the weekend.  Enjoy the beautiful day!!