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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What a doll......

This is a picture of Harriet's granddaughter, Alanna.  She was spending a day or two with Harriet (Memaw to her) this week.  Sew....guess what they were doing?  Harriet had brought home the new doll panels from Andover and she let Alanna sew them.. She did an absolutely FABULOUS job on them with the help of her excellent instructor!  Can you tell how happy she was from the look on that darling face?  We were all so very proud of her!  (She used to come to our Tea Party when she was just a little kiddo and we have always affectionately thought of her as our littlest Fabette!)  Not only did she do some sewing, but she came on Shop Hop Eve and helped us set things up for today.  What a doll!

Okay, as I write this, I am not ashamed to say I am pretty doggone pooped!  Day One of Shop Hop is a pleasant memory.  We had lots of happy Hoppers and fun showing off our block and Row By Row project.  (It's made things a bit interesting with the two events starting the same week!)  We have kits for our Row and needed to put a few more together today to be sure we would make it through the weekend!  As you may suspect, I didn't sleep very well last night with tons of *still need to do's* racing through my mind.  But I worked some last night and got over to the shop early this morning and things are sort of on track now  =)  Tomorrow should be another fun-filled day!  Okay.....I need to go visit my pillow now.....night all.....

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