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Sunday, May 17, 2015

*I found my thrill........*

Are you old enough to remember hearing Fats Domino sing *Blueberry Hill* on a little transistor radio?  I saved my $$$$ for months to buy my first little radio that I could take anywhere with me.....oh my, I really AM old!  But I digress greatly.  Blueberry Hill is the name if the pattern Diane used to make this fun quilt using 2 1/2" strips.  As many of you know, we like to call Diane our *batik queen* cuz she loves to work with batik fabrics.  We save all of the
end of bolt pieces and keep them in drawers in the back room that she's arranged by color.  She likes to use them on all of the Garden Patch Cats we have hanging in the class area.  Well, she's been telling me for months that the drawers are super overflowing.  Jan and I used some of them to make the Mondo Bag, but that didn't make much of a dent.  Sew....when I got this pattern, Diane chose some batiks and went to work on it and then Nikki (Country Quilter) did a fabulous job of quilting it for us.  I forgot to get a picture before I hung it up yesterday....there's actually one more row you cannot see.  And the pattern called for a border, but we kind of liked the way it looked without, so we left it off.  Subsequently, she and I went through all of the drawers, got our trusty Studio die cut machine, ironed and chopped anything that was width of fabric into 2 1/2" strips.  Then I greeted Jan last week with strips of fabric everywhere!  She and I went to work and made up twenty-four *mini* jelly rolls that have twenty 2 1/2" strips in them.  We still have leftovers, but the drawers are now manageable again!

I apologize for not blogging lately.....kind of felt I didn't have much to tell you about.  We're working on *stuff* but some of it's just not ready to be revealed yet.  And we're facing deadlines for Shop Hop and Row By Row Experience, so we've kind of been preoccupied with all of that.  We're making progress, so I should have lots to tell you about soon!  Hope your Sunday is wonderful....I'm going to do a little tidying around here, laundry, sewing and maybe break the bikes out for a ride later this afternoon!

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