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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dumplings and deadlines......

Over a week since I blogged.....what's going on?  Too many deadlines!  I've been trying to prioritize them and I'm getting to the end of the list....whew!  There was the Tri-County Farm 2 Market *event* that was lots of fun, but fraught with MUST DO things....then end of the month payroll; first of month newsletter/calendar; April's bills; new Nifty Notions to order; website additions; how to fit 26 new bolts of Kaffe into the *Kaffe row*, and that April 15th IRS thing.  Last two BIG deadlines left are our Shop Hop block (due Saturday) and signing up for the Row By Row Experience and designing our row.  I'm happy to report that we're down to the last few stitches on the Shop Hop block and have a pretty good idea on the Row By Row pattern.

Okay that was the first D, the second are these darling Dumpling Bags.  (Oops, that was 2 D's wasn't it?)  They're designed by Michelle Patterns and Lynn has made scads of these and is going to have a class this Saturday.  We have a couple of spots still left open if you're interested.  It's on the website.  
Okay....I need to get to the shop and get to work on those deadlines!  Have a super Thursday.....the sunshine is invigorating.....hope it helps me with the deadlines! 

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