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Sunday, March 15, 2015


This month marked the start of our Whatnots II group.  I can hear some of you saying, "Whatnots?  What the heck is Whatnots?"  It's a *6 month adventure* that is tied to a collection of fabrics from Henry Glass designed by Kim Diehl.  To go along with the fabric line, Kim designed 6 small projects ~ both for Whatnots I and Whatnots II.    The fabrics are wonderful....think I like the second group even more than the first, and it was super!   Sharon leads a workshop where she gives the participants great techniques, time-saving tips and any *heads up* for that month's project.  Anyway, I digress from what I wanted to share with you.  We've got about 20 folks that are signed up for the second group, and there are quite a few *repeats* from the first go round.  Carol P. was part of the first and second groups.  I wasn't there to see this in person yesterday, but Sharon snapped this picture for me.  I guess it's fabulous in person!  Carol took the little projects, threw in some blocks of her own and made it all in to this fabulous quilt!  Great job, Carol!

Why wasn't I there....after all, I am almost always there ~ right?  Well, our oldest son from Nashville had a job to do in Seattle at the end of last week, so we all met at our daughter's for some lunch before he had to be in the city for the last day of work.  Was just a super day to have all three of my kiddos and four grandkiddos, plus Steve the dog, there for the afternoon!  On the way home, we stopped at Keepsake Cottage in Bothell (close to our daughter's) where I picked up the charms for the five Whatcom County shops that we'll be giving out during the Tri-County Quilt Tour ~ free with a $10 purchase.  The Tour is March 26-28 and the theme this year is Farm to Market.  We've been having fun working on some great ideas to share during the Tour.  One of our projects is coming back from being quilted on Monday....cannot wait to see it.

Okay....got some more paperwork to do and then maybe a little stitching?  Happy Sunday to you all!

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