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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coffee, anyone......

Well, after the three day extravaganza known as the Tri-County Quilt Tour ~ Farm 2 Market, I needed a cuppa!  Really, though, it was a lot of fun.  There are certain folks that have come every year we have been doing this and it's always great to see them.  Thanks to all of you who came out to visit all of us!

We had this pair of placemats on our back wall last week.  Harriet and I took this great coffee print stripe, our dollar menu placemat pattern for round tables and centered it, layered it, quilted it and bound it.  Don't you think it came out looking good?  I'm wondering if one of my kiddos wouldn't like this for their table?  They're all coffee lovers!  But I have a round table too......

What's next on the agenda?  Well, in less than two weeks we need to have a Shop Hop block sent off to Seattle.  So, we've got to put our thinking caps on and get on that right away!  The fabric samples arrived a week or two ago, so we're ready to take your pre-orders.  Quantities will be very limited this year, so don't wait too long to order.  Price will be $9.99/yard.

Okay....a few more *end of month/beginning of month* paperwork things to get done before I settle into my chair with some stitching!  Have a lovely evening everyone.

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