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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coffee, anyone......

Well, after the three day extravaganza known as the Tri-County Quilt Tour ~ Farm 2 Market, I needed a cuppa!  Really, though, it was a lot of fun.  There are certain folks that have come every year we have been doing this and it's always great to see them.  Thanks to all of you who came out to visit all of us!

We had this pair of placemats on our back wall last week.  Harriet and I took this great coffee print stripe, our dollar menu placemat pattern for round tables and centered it, layered it, quilted it and bound it.  Don't you think it came out looking good?  I'm wondering if one of my kiddos wouldn't like this for their table?  They're all coffee lovers!  But I have a round table too......

What's next on the agenda?  Well, in less than two weeks we need to have a Shop Hop block sent off to Seattle.  So, we've got to put our thinking caps on and get on that right away!  The fabric samples arrived a week or two ago, so we're ready to take your pre-orders.  Quantities will be very limited this year, so don't wait too long to order.  Price will be $9.99/yard.

Okay....a few more *end of month/beginning of month* paperwork things to get done before I settle into my chair with some stitching!  Have a lovely evening everyone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tote your stuff.....

 Okay.....as promised, here's our other project for the Quilt Tour.  As I said, our block is a barn.  And like I told you yesterday, we *blew it up* to 14" for
our other project, so we felt we needed to make something with the *correct* size block for you to see.  Sew, we created this Farm 2 Market Tumbler Tote Bag.  We have a few kits for it or we have a pattern as well.  The kits include the pre-cut tumblers we did for you on the Accuquilt die cut machine ~ which means the *dog ears* are cut off and it's all ready to sew.  It's pretty good sized too, so we *bagless in Bellingham* folks can haul some food home from the grocery store or the Farmer's Market.

I wish I could say that I am completely ready for the festivities tomorrow, but sadly I am not.  I will be by 9:00 though.  Just need to do a bit of printing and get there early enough to run a vacuum over the messy floors.  We were pretty busy today and listen ~ we got 5 new bolts of 108" batik quilt backs today too!

Okay....going to finish some stuff up here tonight....will we see you for the Tour?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Farm 2 Market......

As I may have mentioned, we (well, me, really) couldn't get going with our Tri-County Quilt Tour project until just a few weeks ago.  I had designed the block ~ a barn.....but every idea I came up with for a project just kind of landed with a *thud* when I tried it out in my head or on paper.  The staff tried to be kind, but I could tell it went over just about as well with them as it did with me!  Then, one afternoon when Jan and I were working, I looked over at the Kaffe Fassett fabric and asked her what she thought about *blowing the barn up* to 14" and making it out of a red Kaffe fabric?  And what if we used that stripe with the flowers on it as a fence line and that fabric with the wild circle motifs as trees, and.....well, we had a winner we thought.  I'll let all of you be the judge, but we kind of felt it would be like having Kaffe paint our barn, do our landscaping and hang some of his clothes out on the line  =)

I wish I could say I was 100% ready for 9:00 Thursday morning, but I really am not.  I'm sure Jan and I can whip the last few things into shape by then, though.  Tomorrow, we'll put a few kits together and spruce the place up and move a few more things around.  I'll try to make time tomorrow evening to show you our other project made with the barn block ~ the *correct* 9" sized one.  Until then.....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pit Stop......

Okay....at my age and stage of life, a *pit stop* is when I have to ask my husband to find a rest area on a trip to see the kids!  Well, this *pit stop* is
a fun panel that a little person might enjoy running some cars over.  The center is a panel and in a true Fab-Etc team effort, Harriet and I added borders, Jan did the quilting and I sewed down the binding.  Sorry I didn't get a picture before we hung it up....this one's a little wonky, but I think you can get the idea.  We put some thin batting in it, so it would be all ready to go down on the floor to play on, or it could be a crib blanket as well.

We've been really busy around here lately!  Saturday was the Applique Society in the morning and then Jan taught a wonderful group of gals in her Beginning Hand Embroidery Class.  She said they were super students!  Earlier in the week, we finished up a couple of projects and I am going to finish putting binding on one of them as soon as I am done here.  I'm down to writing instructions for two of our Farm To Market projects and then deciding how many kits to do up at the beginning of the week.  We'll show you a picture or two in a few days ~ okay?  I've seen a couple of pictures from the other shops and their projects are super!!

Well, I am off to do some binding....have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This month marked the start of our Whatnots II group.  I can hear some of you saying, "Whatnots?  What the heck is Whatnots?"  It's a *6 month adventure* that is tied to a collection of fabrics from Henry Glass designed by Kim Diehl.  To go along with the fabric line, Kim designed 6 small projects ~ both for Whatnots I and Whatnots II.    The fabrics are wonderful....think I like the second group even more than the first, and it was super!   Sharon leads a workshop where she gives the participants great techniques, time-saving tips and any *heads up* for that month's project.  Anyway, I digress from what I wanted to share with you.  We've got about 20 folks that are signed up for the second group, and there are quite a few *repeats* from the first go round.  Carol P. was part of the first and second groups.  I wasn't there to see this in person yesterday, but Sharon snapped this picture for me.  I guess it's fabulous in person!  Carol took the little projects, threw in some blocks of her own and made it all in to this fabulous quilt!  Great job, Carol!

Why wasn't I there....after all, I am almost always there ~ right?  Well, our oldest son from Nashville had a job to do in Seattle at the end of last week, so we all met at our daughter's for some lunch before he had to be in the city for the last day of work.  Was just a super day to have all three of my kiddos and four grandkiddos, plus Steve the dog, there for the afternoon!  On the way home, we stopped at Keepsake Cottage in Bothell (close to our daughter's) where I picked up the charms for the five Whatcom County shops that we'll be giving out during the Tri-County Quilt Tour ~ free with a $10 purchase.  The Tour is March 26-28 and the theme this year is Farm to Market.  We've been having fun working on some great ideas to share during the Tour.  One of our projects is coming back from being quilted on Monday....cannot wait to see it.

Okay....got some more paperwork to do and then maybe a little stitching?  Happy Sunday to you all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Curves ahead......

When Jan went on a retreat a month or so ago, she took this project with her.   It's a pattern from Tiger Lily Press called *E Z Breezy Quilt as You Go*.  There are patterns for both a tablerunner and placemats.  She had been itching to use that Kaffe large floral in something and this was it!  I made a similar pattern a few years ago from the same designer and can attest to just how easy those curves really are to do!  And.....quilt as you go ~ what's not to like about that?  A word of caution, though....we just sold out of the last pattern, but more are on their way so give us a day or two ~ okay?

We're off to a glorious start of the week here at Fab-Etc!  I just have a little stitching to do this morning on our first Farm To Market project and then it's off to be quilted.  Our second project is well under way and should be a done deal in a day or so ~ yay! 

Many of you have asked if we have any Tula Pink fabric.  Well, we took delivery of a few bolts of her latest line *Elizabeth* yesterday.  I need to do some housecleaning and make a spot for that and a few other things that arrived in the last week.  Okay....hi ho, hi ho....off to work I go! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hop to it....

This is a picture of a project from the latest Quilts and More magazine.  Jan used some of our wool to make this hoppy little bunny.  Her daughter, Jessie, had a wonderful bunny, Jack Rabbit as a pet for many years.  So, she always has a *soft spot* for bunnies.  Easter is coming up in just a month, so you'd still have time to make this as a little decoration.  And it's our reminder to *hop forward* this Sunday.

Sorry about being AWOL again from blogging the last week or so.  Nothing wrong, just lots of *stuff* to do!  You know, my end of the month, beginning of the month things ~ payroll, newsletter, bills, etc.  Then throw in the Tri-County Quilt Tour in three weeks, new Whatnots group starting tomorrow, notions orders to place, taxes that need to get to my end of the year guy and a few other various and sundry items and that's my story!

New at the shop?  Well, we got 23 bolts of Kaffe Fassett fabric at the end of last week....the row has been filled in again!  A few new batiks arrived and a new group *Summer Cottage* came yesterday.  The prints are featured in a book we have.  There's a great patriotic runner that I'd love to do when things settle down.  I have a green Dresden fan runner project going in addition to our Tri-County project(s).

Okay....got to run....gonna be another super day at The Happy Place ~ aka Fabric-Etc!