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Friday, December 19, 2014

With a little help from a friend......

No....not a Beatles' song....one of these stilettos can be your friend!  Actually, they could be your friend in a couple of ways.  Need a quick gift?  One of these beaded guys would be welcomed by any of your sewing buddies.  And I can hear some of you saying right now...."and just what do you do with a beaded stiletto?"  Well, you know when you're trying to keep the last inch of those seam allowances together as it slides under the presser foot?  Use this to secure it in place so it won't get away from you!  Or, you can hold an edge under while you press it in place and not burn your finger! And hey, it's pretty!! You might even need one of these for your sewing basket too!

Well, it got a wee bit quieter today.  Alicia and I managed to get a few things accomplished.  But, then the UPS truck pulled up late tonight and I have a couple of boxes to deal with first thing in the morning!  Tomorrow will be the last meeting of the year for The Applique Society, so we managed to get that set up before Alicia left.  Seahawk scarf and pillowcase kits are still the hot selling item of the season.....fussy cutting some more fleece after I post this!  How are your preparations for any holiday festivities coming?  Our family is having a pretty low key year....in fact I'm having a hard time not feeling like I NEED to be doing *something* right now.  Of course, the retired guy would probably like it if I'd make those snowball cookies he loves...... 

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