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Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Fabric Sale.....

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stick pins.....

These are wonderful things for you or one of your sewing buddies to stick pins into!  They are made by Sandy, a local artisan, and we are privileged to carry
them at the shop.  She searches out some of the most fun containers for her handmade pin cushions....I confess to having at least 3 of them!  This picture is from last year, I think....the one I took tonight just didn't turn out very well, but we have very similar ones this year.  Sew, that's our offering for today's gift idea.  We have quite a few still in stock for the holidays.

It was another fun day at the shop....lots of shoppers and a fun meeting of the Applique Society.  Harriet and I kept busy all day making a few more scarf kits and waiting on customers.  Hoping your weekend is a pleasant one....hold your family and loved ones close this season.  

Friday, December 19, 2014

With a little help from a friend......

No....not a Beatles' song....one of these stilettos can be your friend!  Actually, they could be your friend in a couple of ways.  Need a quick gift?  One of these beaded guys would be welcomed by any of your sewing buddies.  And I can hear some of you saying right now...."and just what do you do with a beaded stiletto?"  Well, you know when you're trying to keep the last inch of those seam allowances together as it slides under the presser foot?  Use this to secure it in place so it won't get away from you!  Or, you can hold an edge under while you press it in place and not burn your finger! And hey, it's pretty!! You might even need one of these for your sewing basket too!

Well, it got a wee bit quieter today.  Alicia and I managed to get a few things accomplished.  But, then the UPS truck pulled up late tonight and I have a couple of boxes to deal with first thing in the morning!  Tomorrow will be the last meeting of the year for The Applique Society, so we managed to get that set up before Alicia left.  Seahawk scarf and pillowcase kits are still the hot selling item of the season.....fussy cutting some more fleece after I post this!  How are your preparations for any holiday festivities coming?  Our family is having a pretty low key year....in fact I'm having a hard time not feeling like I NEED to be doing *something* right now.  Of course, the retired guy would probably like it if I'd make those snowball cookies he loves...... 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's in the bag.....

Here's another idea I keep forgetting to point out to folks when they come in looking for an easy gift.  These *Fabric Enabler* bags would make a great present ~ filled would be nice, but they're a lot of fun just as they are.  Each side has different sayings and they are made of a sturdy material, so they'd hold yards of fabric  =)  And, since we are *bagless in Bellingham* they're ever so useful!  Forgot to look at price, but pretty sure they're $9.50....definitely under $10.  Last time we had these, they didn't last long and couldn't get them again.  So, I bought plenty this time!

We had a fun morning at the shop.  Linda's birthday was Monday, so we celebrated in between customers with some pizza and laughs!!  Her daughter, Sharie even popped in for the festivities.  Have I told you how very much I adore my staff?!?  They are hands down THE BEST!!  Things were really hopping there when I left to take the rest of the afternoon off....lots of happy customers still doing fun things for gifts or *just because*.   Well, I have some *just because* laundry to do, so I'm off to the basement!  Hope it's a Thrilling Thursday for you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last minute ideas.....

Thought we'd *close out the season* with some last minute ideas for the next few days, just in case you need gifts for celebrating.  These are the latest three styles of doll panels we have in stock.  They fit an American Girl size doll.  We have the Princess and the Rock Star from Andover (both come in the pink and the turquoise colors).  And we have the other sweet outfit that comes in either pink or red colorway.   Some have asked if they could be sewn by a kiddo.  And yes, they could, but depending on their skill level, it might require a lot of supervision and assistance.  Many of our customers have been tracing the different outfits so they can use them as patterns for other outfits ~ you guys are sew clever!  We have quite a few of each in stock right now.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but we have just been so doggone busy ~ and that's far from a complaint on my part!  Those Seahawk scarf and pillowcase kits are just flying out of here and we've been spending all of our spare time keeping up with the demand....I've even been taking the bolt of fleece home most nights and *fussy cutting* it for scarves!  And lots of you have been taking advantage of the parade of Nifty Notions we have featured this week.  Not too much new in the freight department, although a cool map/globe print came in at the end of last week.  Mostly *basics* and notions have arrived to fill in some of the gaps this week.  There are about 10-12 bolts of Kaffe due in right after Christmas to fill in that row.

Okay....have a couple more scarves to cut tonight.  Hope your Wednesday was wonderful!    

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I see a pink elephant.....

No....I am not seeing pink elephants after my glass of Cabernet.  Jan is going to be a Grandma again.  Jan's daughter Jaisha and son-in-law Steve, as well as soon to be big brother Kaleb are expecting the arrival of baby Sarah very
soon!  She's due to make her appearance Christmas Eve, but you know how that *due* thing can go ~ right?  Sew....when Jan saw this pattern from Australian designer Jen Kingwell, she just knew it should be for Sarah.  Isn't it darling?  And very easy too.  It came down the other day to go to Jan's quilt guild meeting, but I will be putting it back up Monday.  We will only have it until Sarah arrives, so be sure to take a look at it when you're in because it's really even cuter in person.  I was kind of hesitant to show you all because I only had one or two patterns left.  But...I just got word that six more are on their way to us!

What else is new?  WOW....we've been really busy!!  We had Whatnots meeting Saturday morning and that's always tons of fun.  Sharon was giving the gals a few options and tips on making yo-yo's which were part of this month's project.  Then....Harriet taught another napkin hem class.  We like to say that Harriet is the bomb!!  Those gals were just so impressed with her professional looking napkins.  I should warn Harriet that I've already had several people ask her to teach it again!

Okay....got to run.  Brought home some of the Seahawks fleece to cut.  We have scarf kits that we just cannot keep in stock, and considering the super game they played today, I better go finish getting those ready for tomorrow!  Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My apologies.....too much *life* happening in the last couple of weeks!  Between the Holiday Open House preparations, Thanksgiving preparations, staff work schedules, payroll, newsletter, calendar, bills, tax payments.....that's enough or I may need a nap or a paper bag to breathe in!  Anyway, you get the picture ~ right?  I've been busy, but not much of an excuse really.  I'll try to do better in the last few weeks of the year!

Today, we had a fun Tea Party.....there were even hats!  And LOTS of goodies served on Harriet's wonderful Christmas dishes.  What a fun, fun time.  Harriet has one more napkin hem class this Saturday after the Whatnots group meets in the morning and we're finishing cutting the kits for that tomorrow.

The Holiday Open House was just loads of fun, as always.  This year, we even had a Seahawks corner!  Here are a couple of projects we featured.  The tied fleece blanket is made with two layers of fleece.  We later tried a two layer fleece scarf that turned out pretty cute too!  There's a *Bottle, Can or Cup Cozy* that's quick and easy and even a key chain.  As I said in the newsletter, we've been able to keep ahead of the demand for the fleece and cotton so far!  Each of these is a Dollar Menu pattern, complete with pictures for the tied blanket. 

I'm going to say good night, as I am trying to get my email update ready to send.  Hope your week is a good one so far!