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Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilting Celebrations.....

I've been wanting to share this with you, but things have been a bit hectic lately!  This is the newest Quilting Celebrations magazine.  We knew as soon as our Diane saw some of the projects in this issue, she'd be all over it!  She's finished three of them and has the fourth almost done already!  The NOEL banner was the first one she brought in.  Isn't it wonderful?  I got to sew the binding and sleeve on.  What isn't in this picture is the cute hanger we got to go with it.  Not sure how many we still have, but I'll be getting more of them.  She's also done the birds and birdhouse that you see there on the front cover.  There are some super snowflake trivets/coasters and then we're finishing up one of a darling girl skater.

Whew.....the sale has been going really well!  Lots of customers and lots of generosity.  Today, the retired guy took the groceries from the first day of the sale to the Food Bank ~ 303 pounds!  That's the most ever on the first day of the Sale/Food Drive.  Thank you all so very much for helping to make a difference!  If you haven't come by, you still have one more day to shop and donate.  Remember, you get a coupon good only tomorrow for 30% off one item if you bring a donation.  You have from 10:00 until 6:00 tomorrow (Saturday, November 8th) but at 6:00, I am going home  =)

Okay...headed to my chair to do a little stitching and put my feet up.  Have a lovely evening!

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