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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vino Bellisimo....

It's just about that time of the evening when a nice glass of red wine would be the perfect end to the day.....but I digress greatly!  There haven't been any really great *wine* fabrics in a while.  But this one from Wilmington Prints is a really good one!  (I am kind of a stickler for proper spelling and I know *bellissimo* has those 2 s's, but this is the way Wilmington is spelling it, so I guess I'll just have to live with it!)  I have had this apron panel in my bag and carried it around for too many days without doing anything with it.  Well, yesterday it was kind of quiet for a little while and Jan volunteered to sew it up for me!  Thank you, Jan....it would still be riding back and forth between the store and home with me if it weren't for you.  We like to line these pre-printed panels....makes it way faster and easier and also makes them a bit more sturdy.  But you wouldn't have to do that.  There are other coordinates to this, as well as some other newer *kitchen/food* prints we've received of late.

Well....even though it was really warm on Sunday, it seems that our Fall weather has arrived!  And it seems that it is making you all think about some sewing projects, because we've been pretty doggone busy lately.  And some absolutely wonderful fabrics have been arriving too.  Maybe I can get a shot of some of them for you.  There are several new magazines as well.   In fact, Diane has been hard at work using one that just arrived last week.  That will be my next picture for you, I think.  In fact, I've had to order 3 dozen more of them before we've even got some of the samples up!  I am finishing the binding on the first one tonight....pictures soon!

Speaking of which, I may just have to go grab the aforementioned red wine, put my feet up, watch the end of the baseball game and sew a bit of binding this evening.  What's on your agenda?

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