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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Falling Leaves.....

Remember how I mentioned a couple of smaller projects we've been working on?  Well, I finished the binding and hanging sleeve on this one last night during the Seahawks game (what was with all of those penalties, anyway?!?)  I digress.....Diane and I collaborated on the leaves, but she worked her magic with the applique.  It's a really easy peasy project ~ the background is that glorious piece of fabric and you *build* the leaves to put down on it!   And even though I could have quilted it myself, you'd still be waiting to see it when the Spring flowers were coming up!  Sew, I gave it along with the other project to Tracey who made it look fabulous.  We just hung it up this morning, and I took a break from cutting kits for it.  We have yardage, a few patterns and we'll hopefully have kits by the end of the day!

What else is happening around here?  Well, we have gotten in a few doll clothes panels ~ from Riley Blake and Andover.  Jan is cutting and getting ready to start on one of the Riley Blake ones as I type.  (She's going to get a granddaughter for Christmas this year!!)  They are sized to fit 18" dolls ~ American Girl size.  Since I have three year old Miss Ellie, I think I better get in on this action too and work on one of the others.  

All right.....I am going back to cutting kits.  Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!!

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