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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Treats....not tricks....

Since school has started and Fall is in the air tonight with a few sprinkles I thought I'd show you these two Halloween projects.  The top one is not new this year.  Diane made it for us and Tracey beautifully quilted it.  It's a Quilt Soup pattern.  I understand the owner has retired, so I may have to retire this project too, since I don't think I can get any more patterns  =(  The other runner is one of Jan's made with a very fun stripe and her trusty 60 degree ruler!  (Sorry, I think I must have jiggled a little when I took the picture cuz it seems a bit blurry.....probably I was jiggling with excitement over getting a new sample up!)  We have a pretty good selection of Halloween fabrics if you're interested.  I may get Harriet to do us up a few pillowcase kits tomorrow?

Although....it has been super busy this week and I am not sure she'll have a spare minute to work on that!!  Harriet and Diane were hopping on Monday and Jan and I were kept on our toes the last couple of days.  I think she finally got lunch about 2:00!  We aren't complaining, though ~ it's lots of fun to see the projects and ideas you all have.  Tomorrow I have a sales rep coming early and then it will be even more fabric fun.....what does your day look like?

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