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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snow Happens.....

I know....it was just the first day of Fall late Monday, so why am I talking about snow?!?  This is a picture of a darling snowman Alicia stitched out on her machine.  The folks at Bird Brain Design have started putting out some embroidery cd's to match some of their hand embroidery patterns.  Now, you need to know that Linda made this runner (by hand) a year or so ago.  She had kind of a funny look on her face when Alicia told her she stitched this out in about 10 minutes!  We have a few of the machine embroidery cd's and the hand embroidery patterns at the shop.  Plus....we have the fabric line in blue that Bird Brain designed with the same name ~ Snow Happens.  (I've noticed a definite up-tick in the amount of Christmas fabric folks are buying in the last week or so!)

Another busy week around here.....new fabric and lots of customers with fun projects!  Today I have a rep coming....we wouldn't want to run low on fabric ~ right!?!  I just finished a string of Christmas pennants that I'll be taking a picture of and I need to start looking for a home for them.  Diane is working on a couple of projects for us ~ one with bluebirds and then, we collaborated on another with Fall leaves.  Guess I better grab my stuff and head over to the shop.  Hope you all have a perfectly lovely Thursday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Machine applique anyone.....

So many of you have inquired over the years about machine applique done with fusible web.  We have our own resident, award-winning machine applique guru in Diane here @ Fab-Etc!  I managed to persuade her to teach a quick beginning class on the *basics* of machine applique!  You've probably seen the little 12" quilts that hang by the south door as you come in.  Well, you can pick any one of these and Diane will teach you how to make them ~ from the tracing of the images, to the machine stitching.  The class is scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd and there are still a couple of spots open.  We're just updating the classes on the website, so you can get the rest of the particulars at www.fabric-etc.com

Oh my....it has just been a whirlwind of activity around here this week!  I keep thinking I will make some progress on a few projects I've got, but it just isn't happening.  We've gotten some really great fabrics this week too!  There's a super bluebird panel with prints that arrived ~ you've probably seen the ads in the magazines.  Diane is working on a project over the weekend.  And another fun bird print just arrived today.  We have new batiks too.  Tomorrow, Applique Society meets in the morning and then Diane's Beginning Quilting Class is in the afternoon.  Alicia and I will be trying to rearrange and make some room for all of the new fabrics that have come in this week in between waiting on customers.  (I really need to find the top of my desk again, too!)

And....the summer weather is supposed to make a comeback over the weekend.  I have some outside work to do on Sunday, besides the Seahawks game and some paperwork and a block for the Tri-County Quilt Tour in March.  What's your weekend look like?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Treats....not tricks....

Since school has started and Fall is in the air tonight with a few sprinkles I thought I'd show you these two Halloween projects.  The top one is not new this year.  Diane made it for us and Tracey beautifully quilted it.  It's a Quilt Soup pattern.  I understand the owner has retired, so I may have to retire this project too, since I don't think I can get any more patterns  =(  The other runner is one of Jan's made with a very fun stripe and her trusty 60 degree ruler!  (Sorry, I think I must have jiggled a little when I took the picture cuz it seems a bit blurry.....probably I was jiggling with excitement over getting a new sample up!)  We have a pretty good selection of Halloween fabrics if you're interested.  I may get Harriet to do us up a few pillowcase kits tomorrow?

Although....it has been super busy this week and I am not sure she'll have a spare minute to work on that!!  Harriet and Diane were hopping on Monday and Jan and I were kept on our toes the last couple of days.  I think she finally got lunch about 2:00!  We aren't complaining, though ~ it's lots of fun to see the projects and ideas you all have.  Tomorrow I have a sales rep coming early and then it will be even more fabric fun.....what does your day look like?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Quilt Sampler......

I know a lot of you enjoy perusing the twice a year magazine Quilt Sampler.  Well, we recently got our issues, so I thought I'd let you know.  Nobody very *local* is included....think Oregon is the closest place to us.  But it's always fun to see the different shops and what they offer.  And, if you happen to be traveling close by, then it's even more fun to stop in and see the shop in person!

What all have you been up to lately?  I know, I have been rather lazy in the blogging world the last couple of weeks.  We've been really busy at the shop at times, and who can believe the glorious end of summer weather we've been having in the Pacific Northwest!?!  The retired guy and I (thanks to Harriet and the gang) got a chance to take the little camping trailer out both yesterday and the Sunday before.  The weather was super and it was so nice to just sit and relax for a day or two and enjoy what was probably the last campfire of the season!

What else has been going on?  Well, we're working on a few projects that I'll be showing you in the next few days (promise it won't take 2 weeks again!)  And I'm prototyping our block for the Tri-County Quilt Tour in March.....the theme this year is Farm to Market.  Hoping the *construction* phase goes as planned!  More fun from us soon.....