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Monday, August 4, 2014

How many days until.....

Somebody told me the other day how many days there were until Christmas.....now that's a scary number to be thinking about in the hot summer sun!!  This is a picture of one of the Advent Calendars we currently have in stock.  Aren't the owls great?  Plus, this is one of those calendars that is printed so you just fold the rows up to make the pockets and then stitch them in place.....sew simple!  I think we may need to go and get some *treats* to put in those pockets, don't you?  We've been having a lot of fun working on some other Christmas projects too, and I'll be showing some of those to you as well.

Sorry I've been pretty AWOL from blogging this summer.  We have a two-family house in Kenmore that our daughter and two boys have been living in.  With no more downstairs *renters* this is the summer to put it on the market.  So, every spare minute has been spent on sweat equity ~ paint, fencing, flowerbeds, deck stain, 10 yards of bark, garage overhaul, carpet, clean, fix up, clean again, etc.  Our daughter has been amazing, as always.  Bet most of you've been there at least once, right?  Well, this Sunday is tentatively listing day and are we all happy or what?!?   I say all of that to let you know I should be a more faithful blogger later in the month...well, at least until it's time to find the new house and move the kiddos!

New fabrics?  We've gotten a lot of new batiks....and there are some stunning rayon batiks on order, but they haven't come in yet.  Last week we got a couple of Caterpillar equipment/tractor fabrics.....would be great pillowcases.  And the new Quiltmania magazine, plus a couple of their special editions are here too.  Okay....got to run....hope to see you soon!

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