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Monday, August 18, 2014

60 degrees.....

No....it's warmer than 60 degrees outside today.  At Fab-Etc we love our 60 degree rulers!  The new patterns from Triangle Frenzy have been a lot of fun, but sometimes, we just like to go back to that old standby 60 degree runner made from a striped fabric.  This one with the deer came out really well, don't you think?  The group of fabric is called *Peace on Earth* and there's a panel that came with it too.  Jan added a border to the panel and Tracey worked her magic on the longarm.  I just finished the binding and sleeve, so I'll grab a pic and show you that later.  You know, I was sure I'd ordered less Christmas fabric this year than last, but it doesn't seem to be that way.  We are having a lot of fun working up the projects, though!

What else is happening around here?  Well.....we've been keeping busy moving fabric around after our sale.  The aforementioned Christmas fabric has a new home and of course that necessitated new dwelling places for a lot of other fabrics!  Of course, we no sooner get things situated than our UPS/FedEx trucks arrive with more....back to the drawing board!  A gorgeous bright floral was one of the things on a recent truck.  We made room right by the door for it and its friends so you wouldn't miss it!

Hope you're enjoying the winding down of summer....today is going to be warm and sunny!

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