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Friday, July 11, 2014

Here a chick, there a chick.....

I've been wanting to show you this!  But.....we sold out of the magazines that have the pattern during Shop Hop.  I put in a phone call and we just now got some more.  This is a quilt Diane made using a block from the current Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine.  There was a picture of one in the magazine, but we had a Fab-Etc huddle and decided to do it *our way*.  First of all.....the one in the mag didn't have any legs.....was not working for us.  Sew, we raised her up a bit on the block and gave her some legs to stand on!  She's much happier now!  We handed it off to Tracey and she did some very fun quilting on it....look for the chicken feet when you stop by!  All in all, this has been a happy addition to the wall by the counter.

Hey, if you live locally....it's WARM!  We've been enjoying having air conditioning at the shop this week, and it looks like we'll need it next week too.  Remember, feel free to pop in and sit a spell if your house is too warm.  Bring a project, a book or *whatever* and come cool off with us.

Okay....I need to get a move on and get over to the shop and open the doors for a fun-filled Friday!  Enjoy the weekend.

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