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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quilting Celebrations.....

Patrick Lose's magazine Quilting Celebrations always seems to have the best projects in their Fall editions.  And the current one didn't disappoint us!  I've been itching to show you these two projects, but was down to only one magazine, so I needed to wait until more came in ~ today was the day!  Our amazing Diane made both of these from the magazine, and there are still even more fun ideas too!  The house is on the cover of the magazine, and like last year's, this has black tulle over the top to give it that added *effect*!  It took me a while, but I finally got that the owl is a door banner...."Whooo is it?!?"  Duh.....  Now I need to find a prominent place to display both of these, since we have the magazines in the store again!  Oh, and yes, we do have some of those darling hangers you see in the pictures.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you got a bit of rain today.  My lawn and flowers were happy....only wish we could send more of it to the fire-ravaged Eastern part of our state.  We have been pretty busy the last few days around the shop.  Jan made a 60 degree tablerunner that I am sewing the binding on ~ out of a wonderful Christmas print with golden deer on it!  I am working on a little hanging from another Christmas group.  (I thought I had ordered less Christmas fabric this year, but it just kept on showing up, so we're trying to get as many samples done as possible ~ will be showing you another one in a few days!)

All right....I am going to put my feet up and sew some more on the binding tonight....what do you have planned?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Here kitty......

There just seems to be no end in sight as far as Helene Knott's Garden Patch Cats series goes!  This is her latest....#29 if I am not mistaken.  It's Rutabaga Catta and our Diane has once again made it up perfectly!  I am going to be out of wall space in the back soon, so I don't know where I am going to put any more of these *purrfect* little quilts!  Yes, we do have the pattern for this latest in the series.

Sorry I have been kind of AWOL from blogging lately.  Lots going on here at the shop and on the homefront.  Our grandson, Lukas, was in the hospital a week or so ago with some problems that we are hoping have been resolved.  We are also getting the house in Kenmore he lives in with our daughter, Lydia and his brother, Benson, ready to put on the market....LOTS of work to be done, and my sciatic nerve hasn't been too happy with me about that, so I am trying to pace myself.  Hmmmmm.......need more practice at that!  Are you good at pacing yourself? 

Around the shop, we're working on some new samples and trying to find homes for the bolts and bolts of new fabrics that have been arriving!  I'll hopefully be showing you some pictures of a few things we've been working on this week.  You're gonna like these, I think!

Right now, I am going to go sit in my chair and relax for a little while!   Hope you have a perfectly lovely evening......

Friday, July 11, 2014

Here a chick, there a chick.....

I've been wanting to show you this!  But.....we sold out of the magazines that have the pattern during Shop Hop.  I put in a phone call and we just now got some more.  This is a quilt Diane made using a block from the current Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine.  There was a picture of one in the magazine, but we had a Fab-Etc huddle and decided to do it *our way*.  First of all.....the one in the mag didn't have any legs.....was not working for us.  Sew, we raised her up a bit on the block and gave her some legs to stand on!  She's much happier now!  We handed it off to Tracey and she did some very fun quilting on it....look for the chicken feet when you stop by!  All in all, this has been a happy addition to the wall by the counter.

Hey, if you live locally....it's WARM!  We've been enjoying having air conditioning at the shop this week, and it looks like we'll need it next week too.  Remember, feel free to pop in and sit a spell if your house is too warm.  Bring a project, a book or *whatever* and come cool off with us.

Okay....I need to get a move on and get over to the shop and open the doors for a fun-filled Friday!  Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day.....

Happy Independence Day to all of my readers in the United States.....thought I would share some of the *patriotic* projects we've had over the last few years.  Hope all of you are enjoying the day, whatever you may be doing!  And thanks to all, including my retired guy former Marine, who have served to make our country free.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All right....I thought that since this is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far, you might like to look at some snowpeople!  My spell check tells me there is no such word as snowpeople, but I am calling them that anyway ~ after all, there are some lady snowpeople and some guy snowpeople in this picture ~ right?  Okay, I digress greatly....this is a darling wallhanging called "Wheels" that Jan just finished before Shop Hop.  It's from the folks at Bunny Hill Designs and it's made using their fabric line from Moda, plus we used the Sulky 12 weight thread that worked super for this.  (Jan is always kind and says that she and I made it, but I really didn't do much....well, a couple of things and then there was the garage that I stitched entirely on the wrong side of the fabric ~ugh!)  It's really a cute design and the fabrics are great.  We have jelly rolls, charm packs and *by the yard* fabric, plus kits and patterns.  You'll have to take a look at it the next time you stop by.

Speaking of stopping by....please always remember that anytime you need a cool place during the summer heat, you are more than welcome to come and relax in our class area.  Bring your stitching or a book and just cool down if you need.  We love to have *company* on those hot summer days!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week....happy Canada Day today to our neighbors to the north and happy Independence Day on Friday to those of us in the U.S.  Okay....back to work....our fabric-loving public is calling!