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Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's me again......

Okay....sorry for my absence....I confess Ms Sciatic has not been very cooperative and has had the upper hand lately.  I was right when I called her a *nervy* thing!  She's sent me home each night to just put my feet up and try and forget about her!  Seriously, I am s.l.o.w.l.y. getting better ~ I'm sure it has nothing to do with my age, or my stubbornness (I have to confess to doing a couple of DUMB things when I thought I started feeling better ~ like vacuuming and one or two other stunts I pulled when the retired guy and the Fabettes weren't looking.)  And let's face it....I have less than two weeks before the Shop Hop marathon begins.  Ms Sciatic and I need to become really good friends by then!!

We have been busy and I hope to show you a few things in the next few days.  This is a picture of a stripe we have that Jan used with the Triangle Frenzy pattern.  Stunning, isn't it?  The Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine is here and we've *played* with a few of the blocks.  Tracey has our chicken one and is working her longarm magic on it.  I'll show you a picture when we get it back.  You're going to like it!  And of course, we're putting Shop Hop block kits together.  Everything is pretty well cut, bags are stamped and we're starting to kit them up.  Should be a fun few days around here!

Okay....have a few chores to attend to before bed....enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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