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Monday, June 23, 2014

One Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Nine Hoppers later......

Okay....think the title may speak as to why I have been AWOL for the last few days.  Yup, we gave away 1529 block kits during the five days of Shop Hop.  In other words, we were *hopping* to keep up!  It's tons of fun as always.  The customers are having fun, plus the staff and *stampers* get to join in as well.  Today, I was moving a little slowly, but between Diane and I, we got almost everything put back where it goes.  Jan and I will finish most of it up tomorrow and then it will be on to even more exciting things!!

As I mentioned before, we had a *Treasure Hunt* as part of the Tri-County Quilt Merchants Assoc.  We changed up our clue part way through the Hop.....this was our last one.  Can you guess?

Whether you’re on the road or close to home, 
This little thing can help you to keep things sewn!

You can use this when you’re on the run,
And our polka dots are sure a lot of fun!

There’s needle, thread, snaps and buttons too.
And all tucked in this cute little *bag* for you!

What and where are we? 

Well, I guess the picture below might give it away, huh?  They didn't have that advantage, but everyone managed to find them....the retired guy was the *stamper* for the last hour or so, and he wanted to take one to the stamp station, but we wouldn't let him!!  These cute things are our Nifty Notion for the month.  And have you ever seen a sewing kit with so much good stuff in it?  It even has safety pins, buttons, and snaps, plus a seam ripper and tape measure!  And is the bag just too cute, or what!?!

Okay....I need to go put my feet up for a few....still have to make it through to the end of the week.  Back soon with even more fun! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday....Sunset....

Friday, June 13, 2014


Okay....I don't know what pirates really say.  But I do know they were supposedly looking for treasure!  This is a picture of the three fabulous treasure chests that Carrol @ Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop put together for us.  If you're going on the Shop Hop next week, let us encourage you to visit the eight participating stores from the Tri-County Quilt Merchants Assoc.  Grab a treasure map at the first shop, then all you have to do is answer the clue correctly and we'll mark your map.  If you get all eight of them you can drop it off at any of our participating shops and shiver me timbers, you might just get to take that booty home to your sewing lair!  Seriously, this is the third year we've done this and all of those who have participated have found it to be a lot of fun....hope you come and see us....I better get cracking on my clue!

My, what a busy day today!  It started off kind of quiet...Tracey popped in to meet a few customers and to drop off a quilt she did for us.  Cannot wait to show you, but I really wanted to get the binding on first.  It's made using a block from the latest 100 Quilt Blocks magazine.  Right after I hit *publish* on this blog post I am going down to my machine and sew the binding on, so be looking for a picture soon.  Harriet and I were kept hopping later this afternoon.  We had lots of fun customers, plus we were also packing up Shop Hop pre-orders.  Hopefully, Jan and I will get those finished tomorrow, although folks are still calling their orders in....that's a good thing!  Okay, time for binding.  Have a super weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Banner day.....

Remember, I said I wanted to show you a few of the things we've been working on lately?  Well, if you're on the e-mail list and have read the June Update....this is the wool and cotton banner I mentioned.  It's from the latest Primitive Quilts magazine.  Jan and I collaborated on this, but it belongs to her and she really did the most work on it.  She says it's going to look super on her door for their annual Independence Day family get together.  That means, we have to sell all of the magazines by the 4th of July, so you all need to do your part!  We didn't use any of them in this project, but we have some fabulous new hand dyed wool from Olympic Dye Works over on the Peninsula.  We're hoping to add to what we have in the coming weeks and months....they are absolutely gorgeous!

What else is happening around here?  I have just two words for you ~ Shop Hop.  Well, maybe with an added YIKES!!  We're trying to finish a few projects that we wanted to highlight during the Hop.  And we'd like to kind of *fluff up* the place before Wednesday too.  It's always a really fun time to see all of the happy hoppers coming through the doors from literally all over the world!  I am also on a mission to see the top of my desk again....it's such an ongoing battle....does that happen to you too?

Okay, I am going to say goodnight now.  Have a few things more to accomplish before bed.  Hope your week has been a good one sew far!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's me again......

Okay....sorry for my absence....I confess Ms Sciatic has not been very cooperative and has had the upper hand lately.  I was right when I called her a *nervy* thing!  She's sent me home each night to just put my feet up and try and forget about her!  Seriously, I am s.l.o.w.l.y. getting better ~ I'm sure it has nothing to do with my age, or my stubbornness (I have to confess to doing a couple of DUMB things when I thought I started feeling better ~ like vacuuming and one or two other stunts I pulled when the retired guy and the Fabettes weren't looking.)  And let's face it....I have less than two weeks before the Shop Hop marathon begins.  Ms Sciatic and I need to become really good friends by then!!

We have been busy and I hope to show you a few things in the next few days.  This is a picture of a stripe we have that Jan used with the Triangle Frenzy pattern.  Stunning, isn't it?  The Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine is here and we've *played* with a few of the blocks.  Tracey has our chicken one and is working her longarm magic on it.  I'll show you a picture when we get it back.  You're going to like it!  And of course, we're putting Shop Hop block kits together.  Everything is pretty well cut, bags are stamped and we're starting to kit them up.  Should be a fun few days around here!

Okay....have a few chores to attend to before bed....enjoy the rest of the weekend!