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Monday, May 26, 2014

Soldiers' Angels......

Today is a time to reflect and be thankful for the sacrifice and service of our men and women in the Armed Forces.  The phrase "May No Soldier Go Unloved" is the guidepost of the Soldiers' Angels organization.  Our Harriet has been involved with this group for quite some time.  

Joyce Christopher was just a delightful customer for many years.  She and her two traveling buddies, Karla and Alice, would come by many Fridays during their weekly outing, which always included lunch and lots of laughs.  We loved to hear stories of her time spent as a nurse in the United States Army ~ Joyce was a retired Lieutenant Colonel.  Only after her death did we discover that she had nursed the then Congressman John Fitzgerald Kennedy during her time in Korea!  Joyce was like most of you who are reading this blog.....she loved fabric......especially fabric with cats!  

After her passing, Karla discovered Joyce's fleece panels you see here.  That's where Harriet got involved.  She has backed each of them with fleece and they will go into the Soldiers' Angels First Response Backpacks in Joyce's name.  This is just so fitting a tribute to this fine lady.  These camouflage backpacks with purple hearts on them are given to wounded soldiers when they arrive at a German hospital much like the one where Joyce served.  These wounded men and women most times arrive with pretty much nothing, but are given these packs containing toiletries, a calling card, sweatpants with Velcro sides, a zippered sweatshirt and a handmade blanket.  

Thank you Joyce, Karla and Harriet for carrying out the motto ~ may no soldier go unloved.  And thank you to all who either have or are serving our country.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Silvia's Sonnet......

Sew.....here's the story.....we got this great group called Silvia's Sonnet.  The prints and colors are beautiful and the project looked like something we'd like to make.  There are three different blocks.  (You can see the other two blocks on our Facebook page.) A week ago Tuesday it was a quiet morning at the shop, so Jan and I were both in the back working on projects.  I decided to cut out the quilt P&B provided for Silvia's Sonnet.  That's where I got into some trouble.  I have since renamed the quilt project *Silvia's Sonnet to Sciatica*.  Yup.....about 5-6 years ago, I made Ms. Sciatic pretty angry ~ the nerve of her  =)   I managed to appease her over the following few months, but every now and again she gets a little huffy and lets me know it!  Well....she definitely did not like the fact that I was not using the higher cutting area, and instead cut all of the quilt bending over one of the tables in the back.  Man oh man, did she ever get ticked off this time!!  She just kind of hinted around for a day or two that she wasn't happy and then, wham....she let me have it with both barrels!  And being the biggest nerve in my body, she really has made her displeasure apparent.  

All kidding aside, I haven't been very active the last week or so because I've been laying pretty low.  (Thank you so much Harriet, Jan, Diane and Linda for pitching in and helping me!)  I did manage to make it down to my sewing machine and complete this block.  The quilt is going to be stunning and I am s l o w l y making Ms. Sciatic happier, so I am hoping to finish the blocks soon and put the quilt together to hand off and be quilted.

Next up around Fab-Etc will be cutting the 1200 or so kits for Shop Hop.  And we've got some other really fun things in the works that I'll be showing you in the next few days.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Me?  Well, our daughter and two grandsons are popping in tomorrow evening, but I'll spend the rest of the time making *piece offerings* to Ms. Sciatic  =)  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

For all the Moms out there......

To all you lovely Mom's out there.....

All of us at Fabric-Etc are wishing you a very happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Come on and safari with me......

Okay....you know I used to say I was *older than dirt* but I changed that to being *classic* right? So *Surfin' Safari* by the Beach Boys is part of my heritage since it came out in 1962! Sew....that has absolutely nothing to do with this picture....well, other than this is a panel from the *Safari* line of fabric from Northcott. Jan put it together for us and quilted it. Then Harriet and I took turns sewing binding on it. Turned out super cute and would be a wonderful quick gift for a little one, don't you think?

What a difference a week makes, huh?  Last Thursday I sat out in the backyard in the glorious sunshine and sewed on a binding....this afternoon I sat in my chair with a quilt over my legs and the gas fireplace on for a while as I sewed down a binding!  Oh well.  The weather people say it will be a lovely Sunday for all of you Moms out there!

Things have been busy at the shop.  We've gotten some great new fabrics lately and have been fiddling with the racks to make everything fit!  An Asian group came yesterday with koi, I think.  Some fall fabrics have started arriving with their warm rich tones.....I know....it hasn't even been summer yet!  And FYI, we just got the Quilt Sampler magazine a day or two ago.  I know lots of you enjoy getting that, so don't wait too long.  I brought home a copy of a new book we received today called *patchwork loves embroidery* and I can't wait to look at all the pretty ideas.  Oh, how I wish there were more time in each day!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Al Dente, please.....

These are placemats that came with the newest *food aisle* addition called Al Dente.  Harriet layered them up and marked them for me last Saturday and
I just finished the binding.  We did a simple cross-hatch in a variegated thread with a little Quilter's Dream poly batting in between.  There are two other placemats and a few other prints that go with this line ~ including a great stripe that would make a fun 60 degree runner for your table!  Can you say pasta, please?!?

Things have been a little quieter around here  with the weather we've had this week!  I got a chance to enjoy a little sunshine yesterday afternoon while Harriet and Linda held things down at the shop.  It was delightful!  I sat in the backyard and sewed the aforementioned binding on and then went for a ride with the retired guy. 

At the shop today, we got our first shipment of Shop Hop fabric!  You know what that means, don't you?  Just about time to start cutting the 1300-1400 block kits we'll need for next month!  You still have lots of time to place an order for fabric if you're interested.  Today, Harriet helped me cut out some terry cloth for a store sample....our next Dollar Menu pattern!  Stay tuned for that in the next week or so.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!