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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's cookin......

How's your week going so far?  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you
enjoyed a glorious, warm spring day yesterday!  Today?  Not so much....a little damp!  But there's the promise of sunshine again tomorrow.  My little marigold seeds have sprouted and are clamoring for both sunshine and water.  The talking heads on the television have been saying it's *grilling weather* lately.  If you do any cooking at all, or know someone who does, wouldn't this be a great gift?  This apron is a panel from Wilmington Prints.  Jan lined it with one of the coordinates, which makes it a bit sturdier and super simple to put together in a couple of hours!

We are keeping very busy this week with *spring cleaning* in anticipation of our big sale Thursday-Saturday!  I've been dragging stuff out of the back room and marking down fabrics to put in the HUGE clearance section we always have for this sale.  And the bonus is that ALL the rest of the fabrics that aren't already marked down will be 25% off for those three days.  Guess I better be taking my vitamins!  

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