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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Triangle Frenzy.....

Have you seen any of these pictured in magazines or catalogs?  Aren't they just really *sew* cool looking?  The name of the series of patterns is called
Triangle Frenzy.  The two on the left are called Triangle Frenzy Swirl and they are the latest ones that our 60 Degree Ruler Queen, Jan, just completed.  The runner on the right is the first one she made and Tracey did a beautiful job quilting it for us.  And....a lot of you have asked about the Northcott Lavender Market fabric line.  It's just arrived on the floor at Fabric-Etc today.  In fact, I am still contemplating just where the 9 bolts should live!  (The stripe is featured in a number of catalogs using the Swirl pattern.)  And yes, we do have patterns for both of those projects if you're interested.

We had a wonderful time seeing so many of you last week at the Spring Cleaning Sale.  And thanks for helping us make room for lots of the new fabrics that are arriving!  Today, Jan and I got the last of the leftover clearance area moved back to its home.  Now, it's still a matter of reorganizing and tidying again. 

I must admit I was a little tired after all of the excitement of the sale.  And then on Sunday, the retired guy and I headed south to our daughter's for a family get together.  Half of the Nashville contingent (our oldest son, Pete) had been working in town and we jumped at the chance to get to see him for a few hours before his plane took off for Tennessee.  All three of our kiddos and all four of our grandkiddos were there.....makes a mom's heart sing!  Ran into a bit of a traffic backup from the Tulip Festival on the way home, but it was a lovely day to unwind.  How was your weekend?

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