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Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Miss Ellie.....

Today is our granddaughter Elliana's third birthday!  She was supposed to be born the first week of May, but...surprise....she came a little early!!  (That's one of the reasons our Spring Cleaning Sale gets moved around sometimes....Ellie's birthday party is usually the weekend we used to have the sale!)  She is a delight, and not just because she's the only girl of our four grandchildren.  She's a real spitfire and loves to eat and goes non-stop.  What to get her for her birthday?  Our daughter-in-law, Nikki, said one of the things she likes to play with is her *kitchen*.  Okay....I know what!  Remember that apron I made a few months back?  Well, let's make it in Ellie's size ~ that would be fun.  And what's a toy kitchen without some toy food?  Check.  And if there's food, there needs to be little dishes.  Check.  And if we're cooking, then we need to have cute potholders to hold those hot dishes ~ right?  Check.  Of course, cooking and dishes and pots and pans mean cleaning up.  How about a dishtowel to match the apron?  Check.  And then, how about a couple of knitted cotton dishcloths?  Check.  Okay...I am showing these to you partly because I don't know if I will get any pictures at the party tomorrow of a 3 year old who wants to pose for Grandma Carol  =)   If she does, I might throw it up here for you to see.  But, I thought some of you might think this would be sew much fun to make like I did.  The retired guy thought I had lost it...and he made me stop before I did placemats for the cute little toy dishes.  But...I could always do those later ~ right?

Whew....today was just super busy at the shop!  Tracey and I were hopping with lots of customers.  I had planned to tear apart the store room area and put it back together all tidy....not to be.  Tomorrow, I'll open things up and then Harriet and Linda will keep things humming while we have a birthday party.  What are you planning this weekend?  

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