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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tri-County Quilt Tour......

Today was just a glorious Spring day....but remember a few weeks back?  I think this was one of the first daffodils to *pop* in our yard.  Poor baby got caught in that snowfall.  But I am happy to report that it survived!  I went out and snapped a picture of it to use now....to remind you about the Tri-County Quilt Tour that starts this Wednesday.  Why the daffodil picture?  Well, the theme this year is *A Bouquet of Quilt Shops*.  Each of the 12 shops drew a flower out of the hat.  Then, the shop was to design a 9" finished block of their flower.  We each have created project(s) using our block.  During the Tour, you'll get the block pattern free at each shop. Plus you'll get to see what project we've designed.  AND....if you spend $10 you'll receive a free seed packet and entry into a drawing for two prizes ~ either a $25 gift certificate from EACH SHOP or a $50 gift certificate from the shop where you entered the drawing.  How much fun would it be to get either of those prizes?!?  Okay...back to the picture.  Surprise, surprise....our flower is the daffodil.  Tomorrow, I am going to show you just a bit of what we've come up with for this year.

Speaking of which....I need to go do a little bit more printing....bye for now!

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