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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapter Five.....

Well....today is the last day of the Tri-County Quilt Tour.  So, this is what I could use today.  A daffodil mug rug to go with my morning coffee and cholesterol chasing oat bran muffin  =)   When I told Team Fab-Etc that I wanted to do a bunch of daffodil projects, Alicia kept telling me we needed a mug rug.  Wasn't she oh sew right about that?  Took the daffodil and *shrunk* it down to comfortably fit on this size.  We've turned this into one of our Fabric-Etc Dollar menu patterns for your continued enjoyment!

It's windy at our house this morning, but no rain so far.  I'm off to the shop in a few minutes....what are your plans this weekend?

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