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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapter Five.....

Well....today is the last day of the Tri-County Quilt Tour.  So, this is what I could use today.  A daffodil mug rug to go with my morning coffee and cholesterol chasing oat bran muffin  =)   When I told Team Fab-Etc that I wanted to do a bunch of daffodil projects, Alicia kept telling me we needed a mug rug.  Wasn't she oh sew right about that?  Took the daffodil and *shrunk* it down to comfortably fit on this size.  We've turned this into one of our Fabric-Etc Dollar menu patterns for your continued enjoyment!

It's windy at our house this morning, but no rain so far.  I'm off to the shop in a few minutes....what are your plans this weekend?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapters Three and Four....

 With the success of the first two *chapters* of our ode, I thought.....what about flowers in a jar....how about a Mason jar?  At first we thought about lettering the jar Ball...PERFECT MASON.  Wait a minute....bet that's copyrighted!  Okay, back to the drawing board.  Took a while, but finally it came to me.  I love trying to find a way to get the store name in these Tri-County projects.  How about Fabric-Etc....PERFECT QUILTS?!?  I got the retired guy (my graphics guy too) and tried to explain what I wanted.  He was not too sure, but after a bunch of Google photos of Mason jars and flowers, he acquiesced.  He still wasn't so sure that you all would get the connection, but I convinced him that a bunch of us can or used to, or had moms who canned, or just liked Mason jars  =)  The first picture here is of an appliqued jar and flowers.  We (mostly Jan) hand embroidered the lettering on the jar and then appliqued it (fusible web style) to the background.  Next we a.g.o.n.i.z.e.d

over a border.  I tried prairie points, zig zags, half square triangles, no border, until simplicity reigned ~ how about a simple decorative *flap* and repeat the background?  It was a winner!

The second picture is the same idea, only we *shrunk* it a bit and did it in stitchery.  I really wanted to try the shading with Crayola crayons, so we did that too!  It was a lot of fun to get to play with crayons again.  We have patterns for both of these and some kits for the appliqued jar one.

Okay....I have some laundry to finish and then I need to find my pillow.  Night everyone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil.....Chapter Two.....

Day 1 of the Tri-County Quilt Tour was lots of fun!  We got to see some dear friends that like to do the Tour each year, as well as some new folks.  As I mentioned yesterday, we created several projects with our daffodil block...hence the title *Ode to the Daffodil*  This picture today, is the first one of the projects we completed.  We revamped our tried and true tea cozy pattern to incorporate our daffodil applique.  It worked like a charm!  (FYI....this is the style of tea cozy we use every month at our tea party and it keeps those pots of tea nice and hot!  And in the picture is one of the tea cups I inherited from my Mom....isn't it lovely?)  We have some kits for this as well as just the pattern. 

What else is new?  Well, we received the new Quiltmania magazine....it's the 100th issue and it is even more stunning than usual!  Another magazine arrived too today ~ think it was Quilting Quickly.  And we just got some Seahawks fabric also!  It won't last long, I'm sure.  Clothworks has a new line of solids that are *American Made* and we got our first shipment.  We will have the entire line soon....I need to plan a solid project!  The cotton is grown, spun and milled right here in the United States.

Hoping your week has been a good one so far....looking forward to the rest of the week with lots of *Quilt Touring* customers!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ode to the Daffodil....Chapter One.....

Well, tomorrow morning starts the Tri-County Quilt Tour.  As I told you, our flower is the daffodil.  Instead of just doing a single chapter on the beauties of the daffodil, we have composed an *Ode to the Daffodil* by Fabric-Etc.  Sew....this is a picture of Chapter One *Daffodils All Around The Table*.  Jan, Diane and I worked on this and Tracey worked her magic with her longarm quilting.  Team Fab-Etc rocks again!!  We have a few kits made up and we'll also have the pattern for sale.  The actual daffodil applique pattern is available for free this Wednesday through Saturday at the Quilt Tour *A Bouquet of Quilt Shops*.  FYI...we are open from 9:00 to 6:00 those days.  Will we see you?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tri-County Quilt Tour......

Today was just a glorious Spring day....but remember a few weeks back?  I think this was one of the first daffodils to *pop* in our yard.  Poor baby got caught in that snowfall.  But I am happy to report that it survived!  I went out and snapped a picture of it to use now....to remind you about the Tri-County Quilt Tour that starts this Wednesday.  Why the daffodil picture?  Well, the theme this year is *A Bouquet of Quilt Shops*.  Each of the 12 shops drew a flower out of the hat.  Then, the shop was to design a 9" finished block of their flower.  We each have created project(s) using our block.  During the Tour, you'll get the block pattern free at each shop. Plus you'll get to see what project we've designed.  AND....if you spend $10 you'll receive a free seed packet and entry into a drawing for two prizes ~ either a $25 gift certificate from EACH SHOP or a $50 gift certificate from the shop where you entered the drawing.  How much fun would it be to get either of those prizes?!?  Okay...back to the picture.  Surprise, surprise....our flower is the daffodil.  Tomorrow, I am going to show you just a bit of what we've come up with for this year.

Speaking of which....I need to go do a little bit more printing....bye for now!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another take.....


Remember Tonya's *Stamp of Approval* quilt that I showed you a while back?  The one in the magazine that's done in that oh sew happy turquoise with the bright, cheerful 16 patches?  Well, Diane made a smaller one using her fav medium ~ batiks!  Isn't this just fun?  We still have some copies of the magazine if you're interested in the pattern.  (After I get the last few leaves sewn down, I am going to show you my take on this quilt!)

Well.....next week is the Tri-County Quilt Tour *Bouquet of Quilt Shops* Wednesday ~ Saturday from 9:00-6:00.  So, I probably do not have to tell you what we've been doing with our time lately  =)   I'll show you some of what we've created at the beginning of next week ~ okay? 

Otherwise, we've gotten some fun fabrics through the door.  A great baby/kiddo group came yesterday.  Haven't had time to look closely at it, but the colors are very fun and it has a good sized panel for a quick baby quilt too.  Some new colors of linen/cotton have arrived....would love to play with them.  There are some very fun stripes and solids from Moda over by the wide backs.  There's a great pattern to use with them, but for some reason it didn't arrive with the fabric  =(

Okay, I have binding to sew and patterns to get ready.  Have a lovely second day of Spring 2014 tomorrow!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The envelope, please......

The voting was very close!  

And the winners are.....

1st Place ($100 gift certificate) Martha Steinborn for this beautifully embellished crazy quilt project.  Outstanding work, Martha.  Thanks!

2nd Place ($75 gift certificate) Melissa Magnan for this fabulous bag.  FYI....her husband hand tooled the leather for her to use on the upper part of the bag.  Thanks, Melissa!

3rd Place ($50 gift certificate) Nora Fursovich for this depiction of the three Ladies of the Abbey complete with a crest.  The detail is wonderful.  Thanks, Nora!

4th Place ($25 gift certificate) Lynn Ruese for this ruffled tea cozy that looks like it could have been used in the Abbey drawing room.  Thanks, Lynn!

All of these four winning entries will be on display for the next two weeks. If you didn't get a chance to see them, stop by and be *wowed* by them.  Thanks again to all of you talented customers who entered.  We appreciate your support!

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Voting has ended......

Voting has ended on these 14 entries.  Winners will be announced tomorrow ~ Monday, March 17th.  We have not counted the votes yet.  I tried to put these on Facebook, but it wasn't very happy about it, so I will try it here on the blog.  Our heartfelt thanks to all of you very talented participants!  Great job!!  The winners will be on display until March 29th, if you'd like to see them in person!

Next up on the agenda is the annual Tri-County Quilt Tour March 26-29.  Each of the 12 shops *picked a flower out of the hat* and then we are all making a project or projects using the 9" block we created.  So, since our flower is a daffodil, we are in full daffodil mode around Fab-Etc!  I'll be putting up more info on the Quilt Tour as the date approaches.  That being said, I am off to fiddle some more with an idea we have!  Have a lovely Sunday all!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's quilt something.....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Charming Braids.....

Okay....this is the newest addition to our Dollar Menu patterns I was telling you about last time.  I decided to call it Charming Braids.  I made it using 5" charm squares of Moda's group called *Wrens and Friends*.  It's baby quilt size ~ about 40" x 48" but you could easily make it bigger just by adding more squares or adding some borders.  I handed it off to Nikki from The Country Quilter and you've just got to see the fabulous quilting she did on it.  I told her I thought she really brought it to life!  We've got the patterns ready, however, we've sold out of the charm square packs.  But.....I did just get in some layer cakes from this group, so maybe we can do some *chopping* and make up some packs that would work for this quilt.....stay tuned!

How was your weekend?  An hour shorter?!?  I am happy to report that I managed to send my tax info off with the retired guy this morning to hand off to the folks that will prepare them and sign and explain anything necessary if I am ever audited!  (Not a happy thought, is it?)  Now...it's full speed ahead on our Tri-County daffodil projects.  We've got some good ideas that we will bring to fruition in the next week or so.  Jan taught her excellent Beginning Needleturn Applique class today.  Everyone was having a lot of fun....wonder if it was that chocolate she brought or just her fun, entertaining personality?  Interested in the class?  Well, she'll probably be scheduling another one next month, so watch the website and blog. 

Okay.....I don't know about you, but my body clock is confused with this spring forward thing.  Think I'll go stitch a bit and then head for bed.  Night all!

Friday, March 7, 2014

This Washington.....

We here in Washington State sometimes like to refer to Washington, D.C. as *the other Washington*.  The fabric in the picture is for *this Washington*.  It's a toile made by Clothworks (based in Seattle) and comes in those three colorways (navy blue, green and black).  It's pretty cool, don't you think?  Has the Space Needle, tulip fields, mountains, ferries....our Washington!!  We haven't thought of a project for it yet, but one of our customers is taking it to Europe with her to show off her home state.

How's your week going?  Been a bit damp around here, although today was much drier....even just a hint of Spring in the air, didn't you think?  I know our little sump pump has been going off quite often this week ~ that's a good thing!  And it's great sewing weather too.  My next picture this weekend will be of our newest Dollar Menu pattern called Charming Braids.  It's a baby quilt and I'll post a picture as soon as I finish the binding.  Yesterday we got a bunch of freight and part of it was some new rayon batiks!  I see some new Circle Scarf kits in our future.  

If you live in the States, have you filed your income tax yet?  I am sorry to report that I still do not have everything together to hand off to the accountant who just does my end of year stuff ~ although I am getting really close!  This weekend is my self imposed deadline so the retired guy can drop it off Monday morning.  So I guess you know what I'll be doing for at least part of the weekend!  How about you?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let the voting begin.....

Well, the retired guy and I went over to the shop this afternoon and gave each Downton Abbey Challenge entry a secret number and then displayed them all.  I have to say, you folks have outdone yourselves!!  The challenge entries are outstanding!  Thanks so much to all of you who participated.  Now, it's up to all of you wonderful customers to cast your votes for your favorites.  I'm surely glad that I do not have to choose the winner ~ it would be way too hard.  The voting begins tomorrow at 10:00 and goes until Saturday, March 15th at 6:00.  As the sign says, one vote/customer, please. 

How's your weekend?  We got some more snow here in Whatcom County.  It's just kind of a cold, icy, slushy mess right now.  But the weather forecasters assure me that all will be gone in time for our Fat Tuesday Sale at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday the 4th.  I've finally gotten most of the paperwork out of the way.  Now, I get to go back to my scrappy Kansas Troubles project ~ yay!  This is going to be a really fun week at the shop with Fat Tuesday, a tea party and a sales rep, plus putting our noses to the grindstone for our Tri-County project(s).  (Speaking of which.....I accidentally put the wrong ending date on the original e-mail update.  The dates are Wednesday, March 26th - Saturday, March 29th.)  Sew....what does your week look like? 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I don't usually do this, but I'm running into a few *glitches* sending out the March e-mail update....so, just in case you're one of those folks who isn't getting it.....

Tuesday, March 4th, is Mardi Gras.  Which is also known as....
Which is more importantly known as Fabric-Etc's...
TUESDAY MARCH 4th     6:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
You started asking months ago, "When’s Fat Tuesday this year?” It’s always on Mardi Gras ~ and this year it’s a little later than in other years ~ Tuesday, March 4th. We open at 6 am that morning and you’ll be greeted by smiling Fabettes, coffee, donut holes and thousands of specially rolled and selected fat quarters. People always ask, "Are there really people here at 6:00 am?"  The answer is a resounding, "YES!"  It's always lots of people and lots of fun on Fat Tuesday!  You can purchase 20 fat quarters for $25 ~ that’s only $1.25/fat quarter ~ half of what the regular price is! Only catch is that you must buy 20 to get the special pricing and then after that, each additional fat quarter is just $1.25. We think you'll be pretty pleased with the selection this year Sure hope we get to see you.  FYI....you'll want to shop early for the best selection!  And, don't forget we are *bagless in Bellingham* so if you remember, please bring a bag(s), but not to worry, we do have some paper bags we can give away.  And, please, if the parking lot is full, consider parking across the street if it's not too inconvenient....we try to be good neighbors. It's gonna be sew much fun!!!
Okay....on to the March Update! 
Our Nifty Notion for March is a bobbin box. It’s from Art Bin, has a lid that snaps down (no runaway bobbins!) and will hold up to 30 bobbins or other small supplies. Another great idea to help you with that organizing resolution! Regular price is $4.95, but Nifty Notion price is just $3.50 through March!


The entries have started to come in....you're going to be impressed....it might be hard to pick a favorite!  Andover Fabrics recently released a line of fabric in the style of the popular Downton Abbey TV series. We thought it might be fun to have a *challenge* to kick off the new season. Entries are due by 6:00 March 1st and will be displayed for two weeks of customer voting beginning Monday, March 3rd (you can see them when you come for Fat Tuesday!)  So, please come by and see the creativity of our customers and vote for your favorite. Winners will be announced Monday, March 17th. Prizes: 1st-$100 gift certificate; 2nd-$75 certificate; 3rd-$50 certificate; 4th-$25 certificate and a Downton Abbey tote for each winner.

It’s that time again. We all *picked a flower* out of a hat this time. Ours is a daffodil.  Each shop will have a free pattern for a 9” block of their flower. This year, instead of each shop making a quilt with all of the blocks, we will be designing a project or projects incorporating our block. We'll have patterns and possibly kits for sale for our projects. There will be other fun *stuff* along the way, so grab a map and a buddy or two and join the fun!

You know us, there’s always some new fun *stuff* coming through the doors here @ Fab-Etc! Here are just a few of them. Clothworks has done a great toile ~ and in a Western Washington theme! It comes in three colors and would be a lot of fun to showcase our area in a project. We’ve already sold some that’s headed overseas with a customer! Quilter’s Garden is a wonderful red/cream group designed by the gal at the pattern company Bird Brain Designs. We just got it at the end of February and it’s already flying off the shelf. Pennants/banners have been hot. We’re wrapping up some embellishing on an Easter one and finishing a new one from Moda called Beary Happy Birthday (Berenstain Bears). We have a few new 108” wide backs in stock. There are new batiks and some new rayon batiks headed our way as well. Citrus is a new line from Windham fabrics that looks like it sounds ~ some basic designs in citrus-y colors! Andover’s newest doll panels just arrived and Jan’s putting the finishing touches on them. They are two summer outfits this time! We have two of Tonya Alexander’s quilt designs on display ~ both are featured in different magazines that are still in stock at this time. Jan has a Beginning Needleturn Class scheduled, but it's already full, but we’re hoping to plan another one, as well as a Beginning Hand Embroidery class.  Watch the website and Facebook for more updates throughout the month.

OMG....how did you do in that *weather event* we recently had here in Whatcom, parts of Skagit County and B.C. if that's where you live?  After it was over, I was putting the newspaper in the recycling and read where our local paper said *an inch of snow possible*  =)   It was pretty though, wasn't it; although I know many of you were inconvenienced by lack of power and/or the ability to get where you needed to be.  I am kind of expecting a run on batting, because I know many of you were holed up with your sewing machines finishing things!  Isn't it just wonderful to have something like quilting, stitchery and sewing to occupy our *down* times or to lift us up during a *down* time?  And for that, I am, as always....
Sew thankful -
1633 Birchwood Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225