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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back again.....

Sorry for the blog break.....what's been going on?  Well, there was that whole *end of the year/beginning of the year* thing happening and a few other things thrown in for good measure.  One of those was a brunch we had at our house a week or so ago with the whole Stewart clan ~ even the Nashville contingent was there.  Here's a picture of the happy group.  You can tell that it wasn't this weekend by the lack of rain gear ~ right?!?

And then, well, we've just been really busy at the shop moving a few things around and slowly taking down the holiday *stuff* and finding homes for it.  I still need to change out some samples, but I'll get to that this week ~ right?  This next picture is a placemat from one of the very fun chicken groups we have right now.  It comes on a panel and has some great coordinates.  The lovely Jan put this together for us and I stitched the binding down last week.  We have a few other projects up our sleeves and I promise to not take sew long to tempt show you those  =)

Okay.....I need to finish some more book work and clean up my sewing mess before Downton Abbey starts!  FYI....we've had a lot of takers on the Downton Abbey challenge we've got going, but there's still time if you're interested.  Hope you have a super week!

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