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Friday, December 13, 2013

More blessed to give......

As promised, we'll feature a few gift ideas over the next week or so.  How's your list coming along?  The retired guy and I went out yesterday afternoon and got just about everything done for the four grandkids!  Then, we went home and I baked his all-time favorite Christmas cookies ~ Snowballs (aka Russian Tea Cakes).  Yup, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house.

Harriet and I were just super busy today with lots of customers popping in to get *stuff* to work on.  We thought maybe we'd get a little vacuuming done and a few other things, but guess I'll have to try and get there early tomorrow and catch that up.

Anywho....here are the first couple of ideas for you.  We don't have very many left, but we do have a few 2014 calendars, and who's not going to need one of those?  The Quilting Arts one is a desk calendar.  (I used to always use one of those when the kids were still at home to keep all of the comings and goings straight.  I really would enjoy going back a few years and looking at some of the activities and outings we'd had....but I digress).  The second picture is of Sandy's Pincushions.  These are beautifully hand-crafted here in the county.  And on the plus side, they were one of this year's Nifty Notions, so they are on sale for 25% off this month!  I confess to having 3 of them and love each one.  Know someone that also might love one?

I'll put up some more ideas tomorrow for you.  Hope you  have a wonderful weekend.  Don't forget to take a minute and enjoy the season and the things we all can find to be thankful for.  Good Night!

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