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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cross-state rivalry put to bed......

The cross-state rivalry between the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State University Cougars is an old one.  The *Apple Cup* is played each year for bragging rights.  This time they belong to the UW players and fans.  Full disclosure on my part: my Dad graduated from the University of Washington College of Forestry.  It took him 7 years to work his way through college after the Depression.  He would work for a while, and then go to school until he ran out of money and then start over again.  I was always very proud of him.  And even though he liked to call the Huskies *fumble bums* they were who we always rooted for.  But I seriously digress here.  We have some UW and WSU fabric and we've made some pillowcase kits if you're interested in making one for a fan or two that you know.

It's been a fun and very COLD week here at Fab-Etc.  I am wrapping up a parade of sales reps that have graciously come to see me after Quilt Market.  It's been lots of fun to see what's new and sift through to find what I think will interest you, the customer.  Some times I am good at that and sometimes.....not so much.  Yesterday, we had such a fun time at our monthly Tea Party!  Harriet always brings her Christmas dishes to set the table ~ looked so festive!  Tomorrow, I'll take the afternoon off to get some errands done and Harriet and Alicia will hold things down at the shop.  Then, on Saturday, Sharon will be teaching part 3 of her Old Glory techniques class and Jan and I have a project or two in mind to *play* with after the class.  Everyone is doing such a great job on their blocks and learning some really super tips from Sharon.

I've got something else to show you, but am waiting for an integral part to arrive so I don't frustrate you!  Hoping that will be tomorrow....pictures when it comes!  Okay, I'm off to do a few chores and then sew some more binding on a quilt.....will feel good to have that over my legs tonight!  Stay safe, warm and dry all.

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