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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cookies for Santa......

Okay....remember those placemats from last week?  the ones made with the Accuquilt tumbler die?  And remember how I said I had an idea, but I wanted to see if it would *fly* before I showed you?  Well.....what do you think?  We cut some new tumblers out of this great line of fabric from Moda.  Then, I made placemats like before.  Pretty cute, huh?  But Jan and I had cut some light colored tumblers too.  However, they didn't seem to work in the mix of fabrics we had for this placemat. Okay....picture light bulb going off over my head right about now.  Hmmmmm......what if I used the light colored ones and put those in the center and bordered them with the darker ones?  And what if I put a name in the center?  What about a placemat for Santa to have his cookies and cocoa?  Let's try it!  Sew....what do you think?  I haven't stitched around the letters yet, but I couldn't wait to show you!  I have a sales rep coming tomorrow that will take up the morning and part of afternoon.  But then, I'll get the letters stitched down and try and figure out making a few kits for this if anyone is interested.  I might have to make a couple for the grandkids, don't you think?

Hope your weekend was a lovely one.  It's supposed to get really cold this week in western Washington!  I have a quilt that I am putting the binding on....what a bonus that will be on a chilly evening!!   

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