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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Set your place.....

The week before the Open House, Jan and I were *fiddling* with a tumbler placemat idea.  Hmmmm.....what if we made some from Christmas fabrics?  We got the Tumbler Flag down and folded it to placemat size to see what we thought.  Looked like it would work!  Jan cut and pressed strips; I folded and ran them through the Accuquilt Studio using the small tumbler die.  We arranged, rearranged, obsessed some more over placement and then threw caution to the wind and Jan sewed the rows together in nothing flat.  I took it home, layered and quilted it.  Fab-Etc teamwork in action once again!  What do you think?  We thought it looked pretty darn cute.  Sew....we cut, pressed, folded and ran some more fabric through the die cut machine and made a few kits if you're interested.  We put two in a little bag for $7.95.  You just need to buy the *filler* (I used a thin Pellon fleece, but you could use batting, flannel or muslin) and a backing (3/8 yard will make backing for both).  I have this other idea that I may try tomorrow using the pre-cut tumblers.  I'll let you know if it flies!

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