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Monday, November 4, 2013


When I was in the 4th grade, I think, I started taking ballet lessons. I got good enough to merit *toe shoes* for a while.  I didn't last *on-point* very long though.  Okay, that was just supposed to be a somewhat interesting little segue into our Nifty Notion for this month....Eleanor Burns' 4 1/2" On-Point Ruler.  As promised from my last post, here are a few projects I've been *playing* with.  You'll probably remember the Falling Leaves topper in the middle....made that a few years ago.  Then, on the left is the free pattern that comes with the ruler ~ Kylee's Kite (the ruler makes a kite shaped block).  At the far right on top is a pattern called Opposites Attract.  And then at the bottom is the turkey Alicia and I collaborated on Saturday afternoon ~ that comes in the Falling Leaves pattern.  Sew....here's the scoop.  The ruler is regularly $8.25, but $5.95 this month.  And, those two patterns are 30% off this month.  If you stop in, I'm still fiddling with these, so they'll probably be on the design wall.

Saturday was a great sewing day ~ right?  That is, as long as you didn't lose power in the windstorm!  Sharon was teaching the second part of her Old Glory class, and everyone was happy to be inside, out of the wind and rain, working on their blocks.  Today, Linda and I were kept busy helping customers and continuing the tidying up process.  Tomorrow, Jan and I will be working on a few things and then setting up the Tea Party in the afternoon. Wednesday will be a time for tea, and then after we do the dishes, setting up the Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale and Food Drive for Thursday-Saturday.  Are you coming?  It's gonna be a good time!! 

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