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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Oh dear....I forgot to put this picture up last night like I promised to do.  This is a sample of the microwave bowl potholder.  It was a hot item at the Holiday Open House we just finished.  It's a shaped *potholder* that you can put in the microwave with your bowl of ______ you're heating up.  then, when you go to take it out, you've already got the potholder ready!  We did demos on the construction and it's one of the Fabric-Etc's Dollar Menu patterns.  I just finished making one myself tonight....after laminating all of those patterns, the retired guy wanted to know what the heck it was!  When I explained, he was sure we needed one around here.  These would be super gifts too.  Several folks said they would get bowls to go with them...what clever customers we have.

The Holiday Open House was a lot of fun....lots of folks came through to take a look at what we had set out and I think they enjoyed the demos.  Couldn't make it this weekend?  Not to worry.  We're going to be able to leave it pretty well set up the way we had it through Thanksgiving weekend.  There won't be the demos, but we will have samples and can give you a quick *how to* on some of the things.  Plus, we'll still have the beaded stiletto *stuff* out for you if you want to do a quick make and take.  Hope your Sunday has been an enjoyable one....I'm going to sign off here and get back to tidying up the mess in my sewing area....night all!

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