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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Trails to you......

Any one out there as *classic* as me that remembers Roy and Dale singing *Happy trails to you, until we meet again......*  Has absolutely nothing to do with this picture other than the name of the pattern is *Happy Trails* and it just is a nostalgic, feel good moment to remember the Roy Rogers Show  =)

Anyway....this is a class that Diane is going to be teaching this Wednesday the 20th of November.  We have one or two spots left open, if you are interested.  We have sold out of the poinsettia fabric again, but it would be stunning in many larger scale prints.  I know one of the students is using fall leaves for hers!  Give us a buzz if you're interested in the class.  We also have some of the patterns in stock as well.

Whew....what a day today!  Well, it started earlier this week....I haven't blogged in a few days because we were having *issues* with our computer set-up.  Today, the retired guy traced it to a bad modem and now that he's got that problem solved, I'm back in business.  I just started sending an e-mail reminder about the Holiday Open House next week.  Today?  Oh my gosh, it just started out with a bang this morning and kept going all day long!  The Applique Society met here in the morning and Jan and I were just hopping all day long with customers.  Had a few things we'd hoped to accomplish, but I guess they'll wait for Monday.  Hope your Saturday was a good one!  More on the Holiday Open House soon.....schedule is upon the website, now that we can *upload* again!  Happy Sunday....go Hawks!

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