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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Annual Holiday Open House.....

Okay....I still have a few more things to do, but we are ready to open the doors in the morning for our annual Holiday Open House.  This year, we've got a new twist.  We've got demos scheduled for you!  If you go over to the Fabric-Etc  website, the times are listed.  I meant to take some pictures of the actual projects, but alas, I didn't get it together before I left.  I'll try and get that done in the morning and put it on our Facebook page (link at the top of the blog).  It's gonna be a fun couple of days around here....we've got some great ideas for your holidays.  Oh....please forgive me for breaking my rule about no Christmas music before Thanksgiving ~ okay?  And....there are poinsettias outside in the planter.....sorry  =)

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