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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A stitch in time.....

Whew....that was a fun three day sale we just had!  We got to see LOTS of folks who came to take advantage of our sale at the end of last week.  Tomorrow, Linda and I will be putting things back the way they were pre-sale and tidying the rows up a bit.  The retired guy will be picking up the last of the food for the local food bank and giving me a final number of pounds collected.  The first day he took a whopping 234 pounds!  Thanks to everyone who contributed this year....you'll make some one's day a little easier and brighter.

This is a picture of a Crabapple Hill pattern....they call it a *project bag*.  Jan did the amazing work on it.  She's agreed to teach the embroidery part of it as a class after the first of the year.  The students then can decide whether or not they want to make the bag or use it as a little hanging or pillow or.....  There are a lot of different stitches used, so it should be a good project to learn some of the basics of hand embroidery.

What's on the horizon?  Well, in less than two weeks we are going to have our annual Holiday Open House!  In the past, we've had it right after Thanksgiving here in the States, but it falls later in November this year.  So, we'll be having it November 22-23 (Friday/Saturday).  And in a new twist this year, we will be having some set times for project demos.  There will be some refreshments and we also like to put out some ideas for quick gifts and decorating.  I'll be setting the times this week, so watch the blog and website for those.

How was your Sunday?  Me?  Well, did a little laundry, tidying, bookwork, meatloaf dinner, and got cracking on a project I put on hold until after the sale....partly because I did a dumb thing and messed up some of my pieces by sewing the wrong neutral to it.  Grrrrr.....  But I am back on track now and it's up on the design wall in the basement and I am DETERMINED to get a lot done on it this week.  Hope your week is a good one!  

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