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Thursday, November 28, 2013

This can be such a busy day....cleaning, cooking, more cleaning!  I just wanted to take a minute and say that I am very thankful for many things on this day.  I have much to be grateful for.....not the least of which is the support of my wonderful staff and customers.  Thank you!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Set your place.....

The week before the Open House, Jan and I were *fiddling* with a tumbler placemat idea.  Hmmmm.....what if we made some from Christmas fabrics?  We got the Tumbler Flag down and folded it to placemat size to see what we thought.  Looked like it would work!  Jan cut and pressed strips; I folded and ran them through the Accuquilt Studio using the small tumbler die.  We arranged, rearranged, obsessed some more over placement and then threw caution to the wind and Jan sewed the rows together in nothing flat.  I took it home, layered and quilted it.  Fab-Etc teamwork in action once again!  What do you think?  We thought it looked pretty darn cute.  Sew....we cut, pressed, folded and ran some more fabric through the die cut machine and made a few kits if you're interested.  We put two in a little bag for $7.95.  You just need to buy the *filler* (I used a thin Pellon fleece, but you could use batting, flannel or muslin) and a backing (3/8 yard will make backing for both).  I have this other idea that I may try tomorrow using the pre-cut tumblers.  I'll let you know if it flies!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Oh dear....I forgot to put this picture up last night like I promised to do.  This is a sample of the microwave bowl potholder.  It was a hot item at the Holiday Open House we just finished.  It's a shaped *potholder* that you can put in the microwave with your bowl of ______ you're heating up.  then, when you go to take it out, you've already got the potholder ready!  We did demos on the construction and it's one of the Fabric-Etc's Dollar Menu patterns.  I just finished making one myself tonight....after laminating all of those patterns, the retired guy wanted to know what the heck it was!  When I explained, he was sure we needed one around here.  These would be super gifts too.  Several folks said they would get bowls to go with them...what clever customers we have.

The Holiday Open House was a lot of fun....lots of folks came through to take a look at what we had set out and I think they enjoyed the demos.  Couldn't make it this weekend?  Not to worry.  We're going to be able to leave it pretty well set up the way we had it through Thanksgiving weekend.  There won't be the demos, but we will have samples and can give you a quick *how to* on some of the things.  Plus, we'll still have the beaded stiletto *stuff* out for you if you want to do a quick make and take.  Hope your Sunday has been an enjoyable one....I'm going to sign off here and get back to tidying up the mess in my sewing area....night all!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Running off for 2nd day of annual Holiday Open House.  Just realized even though I read it a bunch of times, I made a boo boo on the Dollar Menu for the Microwave Potholder Bowl.  Step 2 should have read "Mark this and fold right sides together."
Pretty sure any of you who watched the demo will catch this....but my apologies, none the less.  If you got a Dollar Menu with this error, stop by for a "fix".

Okay...I'm out of here....how about a picture of the aforementioned potholder?  Tonight!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Annual Holiday Open House.....

Okay....I still have a few more things to do, but we are ready to open the doors in the morning for our annual Holiday Open House.  This year, we've got a new twist.  We've got demos scheduled for you!  If you go over to the Fabric-Etc  website, the times are listed.  I meant to take some pictures of the actual projects, but alas, I didn't get it together before I left.  I'll try and get that done in the morning and put it on our Facebook page (link at the top of the blog).  It's gonna be a fun couple of days around here....we've got some great ideas for your holidays.  Oh....please forgive me for breaking my rule about no Christmas music before Thanksgiving ~ okay?  And....there are poinsettias outside in the planter.....sorry  =)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Trails to you......

Any one out there as *classic* as me that remembers Roy and Dale singing *Happy trails to you, until we meet again......*  Has absolutely nothing to do with this picture other than the name of the pattern is *Happy Trails* and it just is a nostalgic, feel good moment to remember the Roy Rogers Show  =)

Anyway....this is a class that Diane is going to be teaching this Wednesday the 20th of November.  We have one or two spots left open, if you are interested.  We have sold out of the poinsettia fabric again, but it would be stunning in many larger scale prints.  I know one of the students is using fall leaves for hers!  Give us a buzz if you're interested in the class.  We also have some of the patterns in stock as well.

Whew....what a day today!  Well, it started earlier this week....I haven't blogged in a few days because we were having *issues* with our computer set-up.  Today, the retired guy traced it to a bad modem and now that he's got that problem solved, I'm back in business.  I just started sending an e-mail reminder about the Holiday Open House next week.  Today?  Oh my gosh, it just started out with a bang this morning and kept going all day long!  The Applique Society met here in the morning and Jan and I were just hopping all day long with customers.  Had a few things we'd hoped to accomplish, but I guess they'll wait for Monday.  Hope your Saturday was a good one!  More on the Holiday Open House soon.....schedule is upon the website, now that we can *upload* again!  Happy Sunday....go Hawks!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A stitch in time.....

Whew....that was a fun three day sale we just had!  We got to see LOTS of folks who came to take advantage of our sale at the end of last week.  Tomorrow, Linda and I will be putting things back the way they were pre-sale and tidying the rows up a bit.  The retired guy will be picking up the last of the food for the local food bank and giving me a final number of pounds collected.  The first day he took a whopping 234 pounds!  Thanks to everyone who contributed this year....you'll make some one's day a little easier and brighter.

This is a picture of a Crabapple Hill pattern....they call it a *project bag*.  Jan did the amazing work on it.  She's agreed to teach the embroidery part of it as a class after the first of the year.  The students then can decide whether or not they want to make the bag or use it as a little hanging or pillow or.....  There are a lot of different stitches used, so it should be a good project to learn some of the basics of hand embroidery.

What's on the horizon?  Well, in less than two weeks we are going to have our annual Holiday Open House!  In the past, we've had it right after Thanksgiving here in the States, but it falls later in November this year.  So, we'll be having it November 22-23 (Friday/Saturday).  And in a new twist this year, we will be having some set times for project demos.  There will be some refreshments and we also like to put out some ideas for quick gifts and decorating.  I'll be setting the times this week, so watch the blog and website for those.

How was your Sunday?  Me?  Well, did a little laundry, tidying, bookwork, meatloaf dinner, and got cracking on a project I put on hold until after the sale....partly because I did a dumb thing and messed up some of my pieces by sewing the wrong neutral to it.  Grrrrr.....  But I am back on track now and it's up on the design wall in the basement and I am DETERMINED to get a lot done on it this week.  Hope your week is a good one!  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday.....

Monday, November 4, 2013


When I was in the 4th grade, I think, I started taking ballet lessons. I got good enough to merit *toe shoes* for a while.  I didn't last *on-point* very long though.  Okay, that was just supposed to be a somewhat interesting little segue into our Nifty Notion for this month....Eleanor Burns' 4 1/2" On-Point Ruler.  As promised from my last post, here are a few projects I've been *playing* with.  You'll probably remember the Falling Leaves topper in the middle....made that a few years ago.  Then, on the left is the free pattern that comes with the ruler ~ Kylee's Kite (the ruler makes a kite shaped block).  At the far right on top is a pattern called Opposites Attract.  And then at the bottom is the turkey Alicia and I collaborated on Saturday afternoon ~ that comes in the Falling Leaves pattern.  Sew....here's the scoop.  The ruler is regularly $8.25, but $5.95 this month.  And, those two patterns are 30% off this month.  If you stop in, I'm still fiddling with these, so they'll probably be on the design wall.

Saturday was a great sewing day ~ right?  That is, as long as you didn't lose power in the windstorm!  Sharon was teaching the second part of her Old Glory class, and everyone was happy to be inside, out of the wind and rain, working on their blocks.  Today, Linda and I were kept busy helping customers and continuing the tidying up process.  Tomorrow, Jan and I will be working on a few things and then setting up the Tea Party in the afternoon. Wednesday will be a time for tea, and then after we do the dishes, setting up the Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale and Food Drive for Thursday-Saturday.  Are you coming?  It's gonna be a good time!! 

Friday, November 1, 2013


I thought that the day after *Trick or Treat* we'd show you these treats.  We're calling them Sweet Rolls.  Diane made these rolls with 9 delicious fat quarters!  Would be a great gift for a friend or maybe a special treat for your own *sweet* tooth!  The price is just $22.95.

How's your week been?  We've had a great  week at the shop.  There have been so many fun customers with equally fun projects coming through the doors.  And in between, we've managed to get a lot of tidying done and made a few messes to balance things out  =)   Harriet just finished packing up A LOT of new pillowcase kits for your pleasure!  I got a few *works in progress* up on the design wall showing our new Nifty Notion for November ~ the 4 1/2" On-Point ruler from Eleanor Burns.  I'll try and snap a picture tomorrow for you.  Tonight, before I left, I managed to get the class set up for tomorrow ~ Sharon's teaching Old Glory Part 2 in the morning.

Okay....got to run....sending you all an e-mail update over the next few days, so watch your inbox (or spam folder) for that.  Enjoy the weekend ~ an extra hour to sew!!