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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zombie Apocalyse......

Okay....I have to admit it right up front....I don't quite know what this is all about.  This is a picture of three fabrics we recently got from Riley Blake called Zombie Apocalypse.  When the sales rep was here, I asked Tracey what she thought about these...sales rep had been telling me that the zombie thing was HOT.  Tracey assured me that this was true.  Sew....that was months ago and now the fabric has arrived and sure enough, it's popular.  I thought since Halloween was just a couple of days away, you might like to see it.  And, maybe somebody can explain this phenomenon to me the next time you see me?   =)

What have I been doing, since I haven't been posting to my blog the last week or so?  Well, working on a few projects and the end of the month stuff, plus the 3rd quarter taxes and a newsletter, etc.  The retired guy and I also got to go to the Grandparents Tea at Cody's preschool in Edmonds.  Plus, on the way home from there, we were invited to go with our daughter to pick up her wheelchair van!  That was the culmination of a fundraising effort put on by her friends and family that started last summer.  Enough money was raised for a down payment on a van with a motorized ramp that will make her life much easier.  (She had been lifting both Lukas and his wheelchair in and out of her car for years.)  We are so grateful for all of the support she has received.  Needless to say, it was a pretty special day!

Well, we also managed to get all of the Bonnie's Team Quilts up for display last week and then down and off to the Infusion Center yesterday.  I believe there were a little more than 50 quilts donated this year.  Thank you all so much.  I've been climbing up and down the ladder the last few days taking quilts down and putting samples back up.  Think I am about done now!  I'm going to sign off for now....got some book work to do....and I'll try not to let it be a whole week before my next post....night all!

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