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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's cookin' good lookin'......

I can remember my Dad saying that to my Mom some evenings, "What's cookin' good lookin'?"  They were quite the pair!  My Mom had a few *special* aprons she wore for *special* occasions.  I'm guessing that if she would have owned this one, it would fall in that *special* category.  Is this darling, or what?  Linda and Harriet came up with the idea and Linda executed it flawlessly, as usual.  She used the *Always Blooming* fabric line ~ the apron is made using the panel and the ties are made from a coordinate.  She took the panel, hemmed the three sides, and ran a basting stitch across the top and gathered it to about 22".  Then, she took three 6" strips of a coordinate and sewed them together for the ties and waistband.  You could use just two strips if you didn't want ties long enough to wrap around the front into a bow.  (It was based on our Dollar Menu Pattern *Tie One On Apron*.) 

Today was such a fun day for me!  Emily (our Fabette turned RN) agreed to help me out this week, since I am running a little short-handed.  It was just wonderful to work with her today and *catch up* in between customers.  It's so wonderful to see the confident, lovely young lady she has become since she started here when she was just a teenager.  Thanks sew much, Em!

She helped me get started on that project I mentioned last time.  Think it's going to be stunning.  I'll see if I can get a little further tomorrow.  Alicia will be helping me tomorrow and we'll be playing with that and setting up the classroom for Sharon's Old Glory class Saturday morning.  Should be an all around fun day!  Hope your Friday is equally enjoyable. 

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