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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This isn't a really good picture....the sun was coming in the windows at the end of the day (that was a nice thing!)  This is a new group we received yesterday from Benartex called *Cosmopolitan*.  Isn't it wonderful?  Diane and I fiddled around and managed to give it a home at the end of the row with the other grays and yellows.  I know, you can't see it very well in this picture, but you'll have to take a look next time you're in.  (I guess a Cosmopolitan is a cocktail too.....never had one, but I probably would like it. But, I do like this fabric a lot!)

Well, what a day today!  It POURED rain earlier in the day here and then, lo and behold, the sun popped out for a glorious end to the day.  Jan and I kept busy with customers and a few little *jobs* we were both working on.  I'll try and get a picture tomorrow of some of it for you.  No new fabric today....just some notions re-orders and a PUL re-order.  A lot of you know that I just finished sending an e-mail update, so that kept me busy for a while this week.  Tomorrow?  Well, I guess we will keep working on our projects in between customers and tidy things up a bit too.  What about your tomorrow?

I didn't notice until yesterday....we just went over 100,000 *hits* on our blog ~ WOW! 

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