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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stonehenge Meadow.....

Whew....been a busy week or so around here @ Fab-Etc!  Saw lots of you at the EverGreen Quilt Show ~ wasn't it a super one?  Some very talented folks in that guild, aren't there?  We managed to get the booth up and down and get all of our *stuff* back to the shop again.  This picture is of something I had taken to the show with me.  It's called Stonhenge Meadow.  Jan put it together and Nikki (The Country Quilter) did some wonderful quilting with metallic thread.  We still have one or two panels left and several kits too, if you are interested.

I am kind of pooped tonight.  Harriet, Jan, Linda and I moved at least half of the fabrics around today at the shop!  Sort of a Fall cleaning and re-do.  We moved the Christmas fabrics into a more prominent spot and got the other fabrics out of the windows to keep them safe!  Linda and I still have some serious work to do in Clearance tomorrow, plus a few other things to move, but the bulk of it is done, thanks to my super staff!  After that chore is complete, we'll play around with hanging samples and then on to the dreaded *back room* where we'll be getting things ready for the 91 Mile Yard Sale September 27-28.

Okay, I think I need to put my feet up for a few so I can keep up with Linda tomorrow  =)   Night all!

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