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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The night before the day of.....

Okay....this is just a corner of what we have set up for those of you going on the 91 Mile Yard Sale tomorrow and Saturday.  Besides this table of fun mark-downs, there are over 100 bolts of Clearance fabrics on the other side of the room and several boxes of $4.00 half yard cuts and, what yard sale would be complete without a few *free* things!?!  And, in addition, for those two days we will have ALL of our books and magazines marked down 20%.  Linda and I worked hard in between LOTS of customers today to get it looking this good.  (Guess I had forgotten how much work getting ready for a garage/yard sale can be....finding it and pricing it and arranging it!)  Might still need a little fine tuning in the morning, but I am sure Jan and Diane will be up to the task =)   I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Hope to see lots of you in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

91 miles, but who's counting......

At the end of the week, the 12 shops in the Tri-County Quilt Merchants Association will be having their annual 91 Mile Yard Sale.  It's 91 miles from Bothell where Keepsake Cottage is to the Lynden shops (Folktales, Tangled Threads and Calico Country).  As you probably know, we have our Quilt Tour in March each year, but a few years ago, we added this event in the Fall.  We all take a long, hard look at our Clearance sections, beef them up and see if there aren't some samples and other *stuff* that needs a new home.  We mark them at *yard sale prices* and you get the benefit!  But wait, there's more.....each shop will have one *department* on sale at 20% off.  (Haven't decided yet what we will be doing.)  But wait, there's still more.....for every $10 you spend you get to enter your name in a drawing.  Two lucky winners will get $20 gift certificates from six of the shops and two more lucky winners will get six $10 gift certificates from six shops!  Sew....four winners this year!  As you might guess, the next couple of days is going to be spent digging around in the back room to see what treasures we may have there for you!  Harriet, Jan and I will start tackling that today.  The hours are 9-6 on Friday and Saturday (27th and 28th) and each of the shops has maps for you.  We also have added a new member this year ~ Fabric d'eva in La Conner!

We did manage to get the fabric rearranged last week, but I am still working on getting my samples up in the appropriate places.  Yesterday, I had a lot of fun with a sales rep and ordered some wonderful new fabrics that will start arriving in the next few months!  Plus, we just scheduled a class that Tonya will teach on her "All I Want For Christmas" tree skirt.  It's set for the afternoon of October 26th.  We will get that up on the website as soon as we have times, prices, supply lists, etc.  (If you're interested, let us know because we already have folks on the list.)

Okay....need to get out the door and head over to the shop for another fun filled day of fabric!  Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Do you live in the Pacific Northwest?  If so, wasn't it just a lovely day today?  It's a little like living in paradise, right?  Well, this quilt you see to your left is called Paradise Island.  The middle part is *running yardage* that you insert in the center and then build out into the border by fussy cutting some of the flowers, leaves, etc.  I saw this made up in the Michael Miller booth at Quilt Market in Portland.  We sold through the first bolt of the floral print so fast we didn't get a chance to make any kits.  But....two more bolts have arrived and we have yardage, plus a few kits!  Diane put this together for us and Tracey did the beautiful quilting ~ Fabette teamwork at its finest!!  It's *hanging out* on the design wall right now, awaiting a home.

Speaking of which....We have moved the majority of the bolts of fabric around in the last three days!  Just one section left to tackle tomorrow, but I am sure Harriet and I will get that done.  And that's where the home for this hanging comes into play.  I took a lot of samples down last week to bring to the EverGreen quilt show.  So, now we need to give them all new homes!  Hoping to get that accomplished for the most part tomorrow as well.  

Some of you have asked why we move stuff around.  Well, a couple of reasons.  First of all, you know those bolts by the windows?  They need to move before the sun does any damage.  And then, there's the whole *seasonal* thing.  It was time to bring the Christmas fabric out where you could easily see it, and the Autumn/Fall fabrics should be front and center too.  Then, the flannels had expanded beyond the capacity of their home, so they needed a new one.  And then....well, you get the picture ~ right?  Sew....next time you pop in, it will be a bit of a new look at Fab-Etc.  Hope to see you soon! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stonehenge Meadow.....

Whew....been a busy week or so around here @ Fab-Etc!  Saw lots of you at the EverGreen Quilt Show ~ wasn't it a super one?  Some very talented folks in that guild, aren't there?  We managed to get the booth up and down and get all of our *stuff* back to the shop again.  This picture is of something I had taken to the show with me.  It's called Stonhenge Meadow.  Jan put it together and Nikki (The Country Quilter) did some wonderful quilting with metallic thread.  We still have one or two panels left and several kits too, if you are interested.

I am kind of pooped tonight.  Harriet, Jan, Linda and I moved at least half of the fabrics around today at the shop!  Sort of a Fall cleaning and re-do.  We moved the Christmas fabrics into a more prominent spot and got the other fabrics out of the windows to keep them safe!  Linda and I still have some serious work to do in Clearance tomorrow, plus a few other things to move, but the bulk of it is done, thanks to my super staff!  After that chore is complete, we'll play around with hanging samples and then on to the dreaded *back room* where we'll be getting things ready for the 91 Mile Yard Sale September 27-28.

Okay, I think I need to put my feet up for a few so I can keep up with Linda tomorrow  =)   Night all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday......

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is there a nurse in the house.....

This fabric is from the line "Calling All Nurses".  I knew I had to get some of it the minute I saw it!  I was sure that our Fabette turned RN, Emily, would love it.  I put the picture up on our Facebook page the other day and sure enough, it got rave reviews.  Don't you love the band-aids?  Those are just a few of the great new fabrics we have been getting this week!  I will be putting some more pictures up in the next day or two, just to pique your interest. 

Sew, what else is going on around here?  Well, yesterday was another really fun Tea Party!  Loads of tea, scones and laughs were had by all in attendance.  We're also doing a little tidying under the counter....figuring what kits we have to take to the quilt show next week and what other things have migrated down there that need to find other homes  =)

Okay, I need to update my mailing list and then get to work on getting an e-mail update ready to send out in the next few days!  Plus, I'm working on a binding or two to finish before the show next week.  What's on tap for your evening?